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captain cook boat tour

Captain Cook Monument is by far and away one of the most significant sites as it pertains to Hawaii’s modern history. Before it was named for the British colonialist who was slain there, it remained as a sacred site to Hawaiian natives– something that is still upheld to this day. Aside from the history that shrouds the edge of Kealakekua Bay, this site is also home to the most incredible array of marine life, found anywhere around Hawaii.

If you are looking to uncover everything that this site has to offer, be sure to book a Captain Cook boat tour through an accredited local company. There is so much to explore, and we want to break down everything that you can expect during your time in and around the water!

Explore Captain Cook Monument Aboard a Boat

If you have started any research into what some of the best tours and experiences that are offered in and around the Big Island are, you surely will have seen a Kona Coastline snorkeling tour. Looking further into this experience, you will uncover that many of these tours will stop by Captain Cook Monument. While this is not only a great place for relatively beginner snorkels to explore, it is a fantastic bet for having close encounters with the native sea life.

Others will opt to take their adventure into their own hands, renting gear and driving down to the bay themselves to jump straight into the water. While this is something you could do, we would advise against it for a couple different reasons that you can read about here. A Captain Cook boat tour is by far and away the best way to experience the reef, not only for the convenience, but the fun you will have on the trip out, in the water, and the trip back!

Sail Alongside the Abundant Marine Life of Captain Cook

It is no secret that Captain Cook is home to some of the greatest marine life found around the Big Island. Some things that you may see are the colorful reef fish, like parrotfish, triggerfish, and sturgeon fish; other than those creatures you will likely see Hawaiian sea turtles, known locally as “Honu” as well as the occasional manta ray and even spinner dolphins towards the deeper waters of the bay!

Even if you are on a boat tour that does not allot for time to snorkel– there is so much to see! During the winter time you may catch a glimpse of humpback whales playing and breaching the waters on your way to Kealakekua bay.

The History of Captain Cook, Unlocked on a Boat Tour.

We touched on some of the historical significance of the Captain Cook Monument and Kealakekua Bay as a whole. Aside from the contention between the British colonists and Native Hawaiians which culminated in the death of Captain Cook. Your guide aboard the boat tour will be able to take you through the history of the bay, the details of its sanctity within Native Hawaiian culture, and how it all loops into the plea for ecological preservation of the area, not only to protect the wildlife, but the habitat for generations to come.