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Guests Ages 6+

Set Sail on Kona Dolphin Tours & Adventures!

Join Hawaii’s Best Dolphins Adventures with Dolphin Discoveries

If you are looking for an adventure, fit for the entire family, that combines the wondrous world of Hawaii’s native dolphins with close encounters with the Big Island’s reef life– then this is the tour for you! Unlike other dolphin watch tours in Kona, Dolphin Discoveries offers an experience that blends all of the top rated oceanic activities of the islands. You will be able to safely view spinner dolphins aboard the boat, and then travel to Captain Cook Monument to get into the ocean and explore the underwater world that makes Hawaii so special.

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: What Makes our Kona Dolphin Tours Special?

What to Expect on Your Dolphin Discovery in Kona?

This Wild Dolphin Watch and Snorkel combo is Kona’s original Dolphin Tour. Our naturalists guides take you along the Kona Coast to view wild dolphins. They will teach you about their life cycle, habitats, and behaviors.

Aboard Dolphin Discoveries Kona Dolphin Tour, you can expect to watch pods of dolphins play and jump out of the water, while aboard our boat, and learn more about this incredible special and smart species. The best thing is that if you are itching to get into the warm tropical waters, we cap off the day snorkeling one of Kona’s most beautiful snorkeling destinations.

Responsible Dolphin-Watching Practices and Why You Cannot Swim with Dolphins in Kona

At Dolphin Discoveries, we take pride that our Kona Dolphin Watch Tour adheres to practices and laws that are aimed to keep both the native marine life of Hawaii and our guests aboard our intimate tour boat– safe.

The reason that no tours, unless operating illegally, in Hawaii allow people to snorkel directly with the wild dolphin populations of the island is because it puts these populations at risk. Federal law prevents swimming with the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin since October 2021.

Even though we’ve had to revise our Dolphin Discoveries tour, at its core, it still offers the same educational experience for our guests. You are assured an extremely intimate experience with some of the world’s smartest creatures – from above deck, which is safest for both our guests and the spinner dolphins that inhabit the Kona coast waters.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Dolphin Adventure in Kona!

Our Hawai’i Dolphin Watch And Snorkel Tour Is An Adventure The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Our Kona Dolphin Watch and Snorkel Tour at Dolphin Discoveries, are known for being such a great experience for the whole family! After we’ve spent time viewing these beautiful dolphins we’ll cruise the coast line looking for other marine life. You’ll see sea caves, sea arches and learn some Hawaiian History. We’ll end our day snorkeling at one of the best snorkeling reefs in the world, Kealakekua Bay, home of the Captain Cook Monument. This reef is home to over 100 different species of fish and invertebrates, many which are endemic to Hawai’i.

Our Kona dolphin tour is perfect for families with kids ages 6 and up, and with the blend of time spent aboard the boat with time spent in the water– there is something for everyone.

Safety and Comfort On All Kona Dolphin Tours 

As mentioned, the top priority on all of our Kona Dolphin Watch Tours is the safety of our guests and the dolphins themselves. Our goal is to create as safe as it is a memorable experience! You will find yourself completely at ease as we cruise out on the water, your captain expertly locating wild dolphin pods, then sitting aboard the boat, from a safe distance, as these magnificent local creatures play and jump out of the water for your viewing pleasure!

When it comes to the snorkeling portion of our tour you can rest easy knowing that the Dolphin Discoveries captain and crew are experts in keeping our guests safe in and out of the water. We will provide well maintained gear, aids, and will be there alongside you. Our experts know the unique Kona waters better than anyone and will be able to facilitate amazing encounters and experiences around the reef.

Kona Dolphin Tours: Booking Information

Reserve Your Spot on a Dolphin Discovery Adventure Tour 

Booking a spot aboard our Dolphin Discovery has never been easier! Just refer to our booking calendar on this page to see what dates are available and secure your spot aboard one of our intimate tour boats!

These tours typically last 5 hours (includes prep time prior to departure) and are suitable for everyone ages 6 and up. This is an incredible opportunity to embark on a journey enriched with the vast knowledge and experience of your guide. To secure your seat on this captivating adventure, click here!

🐬 Dolphin Discovery Tours: Customer Reviews 🐬

Bradley VanderWielen’s Experience:


“Took the family (myself, wife, 2 elementary age boys) on the dolphin swim – which is actually more like a dolphin float and watch. It was spectacular. Captains Zach and Raj were spectacular at finding dolphins and showing us the sights of the island from the sea. I love taking smaller tours like this because you get to know the crew a bit better and they can usually recommend local attractions (which they did and were 100% right).” – Bradley VanderWielen


The dolphin watch tour is one of our most popular excursions! If you want to make sure that there are spots available, it is paramount you reserve your spot today!