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Guest Ages 5+

Watch Humpback Whales Jump For Joy On This Kona Whale Watching Tour!

Unforgettable Whale Sightings in Kona: Discover the Magic of These Majestic Giants with Dolphin Discoveries

This Whale Watch Adventure is an exclusive 2.5 hours trip to find the seasonal Humpback Whales (Dec.-March) and/or the year round Pilot Whales, Beaked-Whales, Melon-headed whales, and other species that can be found along the Kona coastline. We will focus on finding these magnificent mammals and spending quality time with them to observe, learn, photograph and listen to their song and other vocalizations with our underwater hydrophone system.

Of course if you’d like to snorkel as well, all of our other tours become whale watching tours seasonally as we will always make an effort to find and stop to enjoy the whales on every trip!

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: What Makes Our Kona Whale Watching Tours Special?

Witness the Magic of Humpback Whales in Kona

While we have some whale species that choose Kona’s coastline to live all year round; many people will travel to the Hawaiian Islands specifically to see the Humpback Whale population that comes and visits. We will go into more detail on why these whales make the journey and what their significance is in Hawaii’s marine ecosystem, later on.

When you book your whale watching tour with us during peak season, you are in for a real treat! The new mothers, male whales (also known as “escorts”), and the new baby whale calves, are known to put on a show.

From fin and tail slaps, to close encounters with our idle boat, to even full breaches out of the water, there are few things on the planet more magical than being out on the water with these creatures. There is no better seat than aboard a Dolphin Discoveries Kona Whale Watching Tour boat– few people else in the world will ever be able to see these creatures as up close, as responsibly, and with such a beautiful backdrop.

Explore Marine Life and Scenic Views While Whale Watching in Kona

When you embark on a Dolphin Discoveries Whale Watching Tour in Kona, you’re not only treated to the breathtaking sight of majestic humpback whales but also the opportunity to explore the incredible aquatic sites and see the wondrous Big Island from a unique perspective.

The waters off Kona are teeming with marine life, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. While observing humpback whales is undoubtedly the highlight of the tour, it’s not uncommon to encounter other fascinating creatures from your spot aboard the boat. Keep an eye out for playful native Hawaiian spinner dolphins, graceful sea turtles (Honu), and a variety of colorful reef fish that call these waters home.

Additionally, the scenic beauty of Kona’s coastline is a feast for the eyes. The rugged lava rock formations, incredible beaches, and lush landscapes that line the shore create a dramatic backdrop for your trip.

Choose Dolphin Discoveries for Your Kona Whale Watching Experience

Allow Our Experienced Crew and Marine Enthusiasts Take You On A Whale Tour in Kona

When it comes to embarking on a whale tour in Kona, entrust your adventure to the hands of our experienced crew and passionate marine enthusiasts. We prioritize your safety and ensure that your encounter with these magnificent creatures is not only thrilling and held at a safe distance for both our guests and the animals, but also educational and memorable.

Our crew members at Dolphin Discoveries are not just your guides; they are seasoned local professionals with a profound passion for not only whales, but all of Kona’s marine life. They bring their extensive knowledge of the ocean and its inhabitants, good nature, and humor to every tour that we hold. 

Allow our expert crew and passionate marine enthusiasts to guide you on this incredibly intimate and unique experience that is a Kona whale watch tour. By choosing us, you’re choosing an experience that is both unforgettable and respectful of the ocean’s magnificent mammals.

Enjoy the Best Kona Whale Sightings with Dolphin Discoveries

The biggest rule when it comes to whale watching in Hawaii is making sure that you are being safe and respectful towards the marine life who call the Kona tropical waters home. This means that when we are near a whale pod, we will turn off our engines and remain idle as they may choose to interact with our boat.

This is no cause for alarm! The whales that habit and visit Hawaii will not cause a “Moby Dick” scenario. However, this does mean that sometimes we might not be able to kick it into high gear back to the shore. If anything, being caught in the midst of a whale pod that decides to check out our boat means being able to see these massive creatures so close that you can make out every barnacle, scrape, and pattern of the mammal. Truly, at Dolphin Discoveries, our whale watching tours are an experience of a lifetime.

The Captain and guides of Dolphin Discoveries have placed the safety of our guests and the safety of these magnificent animals as the top priority for these intricate tours. Your responsibility is to sit back and enjoy, all with the confidence that you have secured your spot on a boat that is committed to the preservation of Hawaii’s incredible marine life.

Kona Whale Watching Tours: Booking Information

Reserve Your Spot Whale Watching in Kona

The most unique thing about Hawaii’s Humpback Whale population is that they are not a year-round habitant of the islands. The whales travel from the brisk Alaskan waters to Hawaii from around December to late March in order to mate or give birth to their young, and raise those young calves, before returning to Alaskan waters.

The Pacific Ocean water surrounding each Hawaiian Island is much warmer than the cold Alaskan coast. Newly born whales do not yet have the blubber, or insulation, to survive Alaska’s frigid temperature; which explains why the mother whales make the six to eight week journey down to the tropics. When you book a whale watching tour in Kona you are strapping in for an adventure where you might see full breaches out of the ocean, day old humpback whale babies learned to flip over and slap their fins against the water, and the oh-so exciting meeting of a competition pod!

Because of the limited time frame that you are able to book this adventure, make sure to secure your spot well in advance. Our tours typically run 2.5 hours and they are great for all ages (we require participants to be ages 5 and up)! This is the perfect family adventure, especially for those that aren’t as keen getting into the water as they are on it.

🐋 Kona Whale Watching: Customer Reviews 🐋

Heather R.’s Experience:


“We had a perfect day with Captain Shelley whale watching. He made sure we had a great view of the whales while respecting the marine life. I felt so fortunate that we were witness to a mom and baby enjoying the beautiful blue waters today. Everything was outstanding. Mahalo nui loa.” – Heather R.


As mentioned, this is by far and away the most exclusive tour that we offer at Dolphin Discoveries. Whale season in Hawaii typically ranges from November to March, which incidentally is the height of tourism season on the islands. To secure your spot, be sure you book as soon as possible and well in advance, or you may have to wait another year!