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Guest Ages 6+


Gently slip into the ocean, relax and let our knowledgeable crew guide you to the areas to view the magnificent Kona Manta Rays. If you only have time for one snorkel trip while visiting the Big Island this is the one to choose. You will have about 45 minutes in the water with the amazing and graceful manta rays, which will surely leave you with lasting memories. This Big Island Manta Ray, night snorkeling adventure, is considered the most exciting, most memorable and best value out of any of the island’s numerous snorkel trips.

How You’ll Swim with Manta Rays in Kona

When out on the water you will be floating and under the watchful eye and guidance of one of our trained, expert crew members who will be stationed in the water alongside you. We will be at the water’s surface alongside our light source, whose purpose is to attract zooplankton (Manta Ray’s favorite food) to the top of the water. The Manta Rays from there will be attracted to the food and therefore that light source and start swimming under and beside you in the water.

However, even with their food being next to where you will be in the water, there is nothing to fear! Manta Rays do not have teeth or stingers unlike other large sea creatures. The zooplankton that they eat are a filter through sets of gill rakers.

We will encourage you however to make sure that you hold onto the flotation device that we provide and work to keep your legs and body horizontal along the water’s surface.

About Manta Ray Village, Hawaii

Manta Ray Village is one of the most popular snorkel spots on the entirety of the Big Island– solely because it is home to the large Manta Ray population. Therefore, this is where we will be embarking on our night time snorkel adventure with these gentle giants!

The Village is the oldest spot to go snorkeling with Manta Rays on the Big Island, Hawaii. Since 1974 the lights of the nearby resort have drawn in the Manta Rays night after night to feed on the abundance of zooplankton.Nightly, the zooplankton makes the largest animal migration in the world. They rise from the depths of the ocean under the cover of darkness to the surface to feed on their favorite food, phytoplankton. While the Manta Rays are the star, many other fish also join in on the banquet of zooplankton.

How Manta Rays Will Interact With You While Snorkeling

Despite popular belief, Manta Rays not only look dissimilar to Sting Rays, they have a completely different demeanor, and pose no threat to you while snorkeling. Sting Rays are usually a fraction of the size of the large Manta Rays who have an average 12 foot wingspan and have barbed “stinger” on their tail, whereas Manta Rays DO NOT.

The most common thing you will see Manta Rays do on this night time snorkel trip is the “barrel roll”. This is where the mantas will do a large flip, of sorts, skimming the water right under where you will be at. The Mantas do this as a way to feed off of the plankton that has gathered at the surface. If you are lucky during our night time snorkel adventure you may even be gently grazed by one of these magnificent animals.

There is nothing to fear and everything to be excited for when it comes to snorkeling with Manta Rays during your Big Island trip! Put your trust in our wonderful captain and crew and be prepared for the experience of a lifetime.

  • Small personal groups 16 max.
  • Wet suit tops, warm beverage and snorkel gear are provided
  • Please bring a towel and warm cover-up for after snorkeling