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Guest Ages 6+

This manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona is the most exciting journey you will ever experience!

Discover the magic of manta rays at night with Dolphin Discoveries

Prepare yourself for an experience like no other as you embark on a Manta Ray night snorkel in Kona. It’s not just a snorkel trip; it’s a thrilling excursion into the incredible world of the ocean’s gentle giants under the starry Hawaiian sky. This experience is nothing short of magical, offering you the rarest opportunity to witness manta rays up close and in their natural habitat; truly the adventure of a lifetime. This is only underlined by the opportunity to learn more about these creatures, witness their stunning ballet, while being escorted by boat and in the water by one of the Big Island’s expert manta ray guides.

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: What Makes Our Kona Manta Ray Night Snorkel Special?

Swim with Manta Rays in Kona

Swimming with manta rays in Kona, Hawaii, is an extraordinary experience that offers a mesmerizing and close encounter with magnificent marine creatures, unlike any other in the world. Manta rays, known for their graceful and gentle nature, can be observed gliding through the warm tropical waters of their home Kona. This unique experience is held in the evening, when manta rays are drawn to the area by the presence of plankton, making it an ideal time to witness these fascinating creatures in action.

The most common thing you will see Manta Rays do on this night time snorkel trip is the “barrel roll”. This is where the mantas will do a large flip, skimming the water right under you! The Mantas do this as a way to feed off of the plankton that has gathered at the surface. If you are lucky during our night time snorkel adventure you may even be gently grazed by one of these amazing animals.

Snorkel in Kona Under The Starry Sky

Unlike traditional snorkeling excursions that take place in the daylight, this nighttime setting adds an entirely new sense of wonder to your underwater adventure. As the sun sets against the Pacific Ocean, you’ll set off along tranquil waters with your expert guide, instantly immersing yourself in a world where the marine realm comes alive underneath the billions of stars that shine over Kona.

Kona’s tropical waters offer the perfect backdrop for this extremely captivating experience. With lights illuminating the ocean floor, you’ll bear witness to the mesmerizing dance of the manta rays that only reveals itself after dark, with the aid of the manta’s favorite snack: phytoplankton. This night-time snorkel provides an intimate encounter with these creatures who elude snorkelers during the day.

Discover Manta Ray Village, the best night dive spot on Big Island

Manta Ray Village, nestled off the Kona coast of the Big Island, stands as one of the most extraordinary night dive spots in the world; largely, in part, because of it offering a captivating and unparalleled encounter with manta rays. Located near Kona town, Manta Ray Village has earned its reputation as the ultimate destination for marine enthusiasts seeking to observe and interact with manta rays up close. When the sun dips below the horizon, the magic begins.

As snorkelers and divers hover near the surface, alongside their in-water guide and with the assistance of an illuminated flotation device, they are treated to an awe-inspiring ballet put on by the manta rays. The waters come alive not only due to the dance of the mantas, but the ethereal blue lights, and the gentle buzzing of plankton near the surface. The mantas gracefully glide through the calm waters of Manta Ray Village, often coming within inches of the snorkelers observing them.

Join Our Expert Guides for a Kona Manta Ray Night Dive!

Safety First: Your Secure Manta Ray Night Snorkel in Kona

When embarking on a thrilling Manta Ray night snorkel in Kona, there is no question among our staff that safety is the top priority. Our goal is to make this incredible experience as secure as it is exciting, and that is all thanks to the expertise of your captain and guides, who play a pivotal role in every aspect of your close encounter with the rays.

Experienced and knowledgeable guides are the backbone of the Dolphin Discoveries’ Manta Ray night snorkel. They are well-trained local professionals who understand the unique dynamics of Kona’s marine environment.

Throughout the experience, your guides are attentive and focused on your well-being. From the safety briefing before leaving the dock, to the instructions on how to enter the water, the checking of your gear, and the constant guidance provided by your in-water crew member; they offer a well rounded and safe experience for all of our guests.

Ultimately, the dedication of your captain and guides makes your Kona Manta Ray night snorkel something that you can enjoy in full through trust that you are in safe hands.

Enjoy a Memorable Manta Ray Experience in Kona with Dolphin Discoveries

Our guides at Dolphin Discoveries have a long-standing reputation for offering Manta Ray experiences in Kona that are both safe and memorable. Our experienced and highly trained crew members and captain prioritize your well-being throughout the adventure, from before we even leave the dock, throughout our time in the water with you, and when we regroup and dry off after the time in the water is complete. 

What truly sets Dolphin Discoveries apart is our commitment to creating a highly special and unique experience, not replicated with any other tour group on the Big Island, nor anywhere in the world. The intimate connections we are able to facilitate with these gentle creatures, through our Manta Ray night snorkel, is an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour in Kona: Booking Information

Reserve Your Spot on the Best Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour in Kona

Our Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tours in Kona operate 7 days a week. This hour-long experience allows for ample time in the water (around 45 minutes of snorkeling with the manta rays), as our boat out to the middle of the bay where the hub of manta ray activity is, is only 5 minutes!

You can easily book using the calendar to the right of this page or through our easy booking button that we have linked here! If you have any questions be sure to reach out directly to our Manta Ray night snorkel team– based locally in Kona!

Manta Ray Night Dive in Kona: Reviews

Here’s what our customers have to say about their manta ray experience Kona with Dolphin Discoveries

Our Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tours in Kona operate 7 days a week. This hour-long experience allows for ample time in the water (around 45 minutes of snorkeling with the manta rays), as our boat out to the middle of the bay where the hub of manta ray activity is, is only 5 minutes!

🌟 Customer Reviews 🌟

Dolphin Adventures

Brenda Brown’s Experience:


“I highly recommend Dolphin Adventures. 3 reasons:

  1. The boat ride is only 5 minutes, which allows for more time in the water with the manta rays.
  2. The staff is caring and makes you feel safe and comfortable.
  3. The swim over to the light board is only like 5-7 feet so it’s super easy to get over to the platform.

Overall the experience is amazing. It’s a bit scary to jump from a perfectly good boat into the mildly turbulent ocean at night, but worth it! We did the 6:30 pm trip and the rays were particularly active on the night we went. Not gonna lie – I was apprehensive, but the staff was focused on safety. I also loved the narrative about the rays, their habits, etc as we viewed them. On our trip the rays were playful and as they did their barrel rolls, they touched our bellies! Lifechanging!

Sébastien McMurrich’s Experience:


“Outstanding experience! I booked the night snorkeling with manta rays and we were lucky enough to see many of them. They come so close to you to feed themselves that it is breathtaking. I also did the 4h day snorkeling tour with captain Brent and it’s by far the best I’ve experienced so far. We snorkel in 2 different spots, each lasts about 1h where you can really appreciate free snorkeling while the captain stays close by if needed. The boat trip is exceptional thanks to Brent many stories and facts about Hawaii and its culture, not to mention his great sense of humour 😉 Strongly recommend both tours 🙂


There is so much to look forward to in regards to a Manta Ray night dive with our Dolphin Discoveries crew! These thrilling experiences book up extremely fast, so be sure that you book your spot aboard one of our intimate guided tours TODAY!

It is SUPER EASY, just book through our website using this link, or the Booking Calendar to the right of the page, or reach out to us directly!

Some important details about our Manta Ray night snorkel in Kona:

  • Small personal groups 28 max.
  • Wetsuit tops and snorkel gear are provided
  • Please bring a towel and warm cover-up for after snorkeling