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Why Book a Big Island Snorkel Tour?

A snorkel tour is truly one of the best ways to experience the Big Island of Hawaii. There is so much to see while swimming along the bustling reefs. These tropical sanctuaries are filled with an incredible array of marine plant and animal life; lucky for you, our expert team at Dolphin Discoveries knows just where to stop off to give you the best possible experience!

Our daytime snorkel tours go to two of the most popular snorkel destinations on the Kona Coast where you will see tropical fish and, if we’re fortunate, maybe a turtle or two!

The Difference between night Manta Ray Snorkels and the Day Snorkel Tours

These two experiences, offered at Dolphin Discoveries, are night and day, literally! Our Manta Ray snorkel excursions focus on one stop– when we drop into the ocean, we make sure that everyone is being guided by our in-water crew member and has a hand on our flotation device. This device has light that will attract the phytoplankton that manta rays feed on.

This is vastly different from our daytime snorkel adventures where we go to multiple spots along the Kona Coast and get the chance to swim alongside the daytime sea creatures who habit these brilliant reefs.

Do You Snorkel on the Private Charter of Kona Coast?

The short answer is, yes! The luxury of our Private Boat Charter experience is the ability to go anywhere along the Kona Coast at your own pace. Whether you would like us to drop anchor in the most popular snorkel spots or allow our captain and crew to show you some hidden gems; there is no shortage of amazing underwater views to be had.

If snorkeling isn’t your main priority our private boat charters are an amazing way to have a dolphin or whale watching experience in a more intimate setting. Make sure that you look into this touring option if you want a memory that is unique to you and your family and friends!

This is also a great option for celebrating any occasion– be sure to check out our Private Boat Charter page to learn more about what you can expect.

Will I Swim With Any Dolphins or Whales in Kona?

All marine mammals are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. While getting in the water with the pods on one of our whale watching or dolphin watching boat tours, is prohibited, that won’t take away from the fun! We will make sure to get you as up close and personal as we can during this exploration off the Big Island’s shores. A close encounter with Hawaii’s greatest oceanic mammals is best experienced above deck with our captain and crew at Dolphin Discoveries.

If you are wondering what an adventure aboard our boat is like on one of our whale watching or dolphin watch tours make sure that you check out our tour pages; they will dive into greater detail on some of the most frequently asked questions as well as the itinerary for the day.

While Dolphins can be spotted year round along the Kona Coast, Humpback Whales only come to the Hawaiian Islands during specific months (usually November to April at the latest). These tours get booked fast! Whether you are traveling to the islands or live here and are looking to embark on an awesome boat excursion this winter, be sure to book your whale watch soon!

Come explore the ocean with us on one of our several unique adventures. Snorkel the world famous Kealakekua Bay and snorkel with the Majestic Manta Rays. No matter which tour you take, we are here to make your Big Island visit magical.