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Private Charter Please choose a time slot below and call (808) 322-8000 to book
1 to 6 guests
7 to 12 guests
13 to 28 guests

Join Us On Our Kona Private Boat Charters To Explore The Wonders Of The Coast!

Embark on a Unique Private Charter Boat in Kona with Dolphin Discoveries

Join us on our exclusive and private four-hour “Holo Holo” excursion. Holo Holo is Hawaiian for a cruise which brings pleasure. This excursion is built exclusively for those who want a unique experience that is customizable and goes above and beyond a standard pleasure cruise. Booking a private charter boat with Dolphin Discoveries opens up a world of adventure and the ability to make every marine dream you have while visiting or celebrating on the tropical isle– come true! There is no better way to experience Kona’s wondrous underwater gardens than with your closest friends and family, and we would be honored to be able to help you create the perfect day!

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: What Makes Our Private Boat Tours in Kona Special?

Great Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime Aboard The Best Charter Boat in Kona

You will begin your journey with meeting your Captain for a one-on-one conversation. You and your Captain create a custom adventure that suits your entire party. Your knowledgeable Captain will provide you with ideas and recommendations based on ocean conditions and seasonal highlights. This private boat charter excursion can be designed with a little bit of this or a whole lot of that. You set the pace of the tour!

This is something that few other people in the world will get to experience, let alone in such a magical place. Kona’s waters serve as perfect backdrops for every kind of adventure, whether you want to explore the wondrous reefs of Captain Cook Monument or The Place of Refuge, view pods of spinner dolphins while exploring the shoreline aboard a boat, or even watch the migrant humpback whales break off of Kona’s shores.

Adventure On Your Very Own Private Charter Snorkel in Kona

  • Want to snorkel pristine reefs away from the crowds? We can do that!
  • Do you want to see Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins? We know the best spots!
  • How about seeing sea caves and lava tubes up close? We can take you there!
  • Do you like to go fast or just like to slowly cruise and soak up the sun? We can definitely go at your speed!
  • Curious about Hawaiian History and Geography? We’ll be happy to share!
  • Do you want a day in Hawaii that you will never forget? Give us a call or book online now!

We look forward to helping you and your family make your Big Island visit and time on the water an event that you will talk about for years to come.

Book an Exclusive Boat Charter in Kona for Special Events and Celebrations

There is truly no better way to experience the Big Island. Through a private charter boat with Dolphin Discoveries, you are able to tailor the day to your schedule, your wishlist, your guest list, and the activities that you desire. You won’t be beholden to other’s schedules whether that is spending longer at a reef than you would wish, or shuttling away from watching a group of whales or dolphins, to stick with the itinerary of a structured tour. There is nothing that can compare to the private boat charter experience.

Allow Our Experienced Crew to Craft Your Unforgettable Kona Private Tours Experience

Safety and Comfort On Your Private Boat Charter in Kona

Your safety and comfort are paramount when you embark on a private boat charter with Dolphin Discoveries in Kona, and our experienced guides are dedicated to ensuring that your experience is not only enjoyable but secure. Our commitment to safety is a fundamental aspect of every journey.

Our guides are not just professionals; they are experts with a profound understanding of the unique conditions and challenges of Kona’s coastal environment. With extensive training in marine protection, safety procedures, and emergency response, they are well-prepared to handle any situation and provide a safe and secure experience for all passengers.

Throughout your journey, our guides remain attentive to your needs and when you choose a private boat charter in Kona, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are always the absolute top priority. 

Allow Dolphin Discoveries Show You The Best Way to Experience Hawaii

There are few limits to what you will be able to explore along the Kona Coast, and even fewer limitations to the knowledge and experience that our captain and crew will pass along to you while aboard the vessel. From Hawaiian history and culture, to marine biology, there’s so much to discover!

On our other tours we boast about visiting a few of Kona’s most popular snorkeling destinations and being able to create intimate encounters with some of the largest and smartest animals in the world. But with our Kona private boat charter: while you are relaxing above deck and soaking in the tropical UV rays, you may get to witness a humpback whale breach above the water, a sea turtle glide along the surface of the Pacific Ocean, or be entranced by a pod of Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins if they choose to check out you and the boat itself. All the while knowing you can visit any and all of the best reefs in Kona just by saying when!

The beauty of booking a private boat charter is the exclusivity and the world of choice that it opens up. On the other hand, there is intense excitement that comes with the unknown involved in boating around the Kona Coast– this is left to the surprise visits of our sea-faring friends or being able to explore hidden gems like Lava Tubes, lesser known reefs, and Hawaii’s Sea Caves.

Kona Private Boat Charters: Booking Information

Reserve Your Spot On The Best Private Kona Boat Charters

If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime in Kona, look no further than our Dolphin Discoveries Private Boat Charter. This pleasure cruise ensures you skip any lines, don’t get lost in the busy crowds of a Hawaiian snorkel or whale watching tour, and get an intimate and exciting day.

There’s no need to feel hesitant about booking your private boat charter with us! We make sure that our Kona Private Boat Charters are luxurious and are made available to those that are interested. Everyone should get the opportunity to explore the Hawaiian Islands, specifically the beautiful Kona Coastline, with their best friends and family. We want to give you that experience partnered with the opportunity of being able to get one-on-one time with our captain and crew, who will let you in on all the secrets and knowledge that comes with traversing the open waters.

Go above and beyond for your travel group by booking this private boat charter with us and we will go above and beyond for you! Prices may vary due to time of the year and length of the tour– to get the most accurate quote be sure to call our team or contact us through our website here.

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“This was the highlight of our trip!! We had six in our party (two adults, 18yo, 17yo, 13yo, 10yo) and booked the AM Dolphin Swim/Captain Cook Combo private charter. Daniel was our captain and he was awesome!! He was super friendly and kept us all engaged with his stories of Hawaiian history and culture.” – Tria B.


If you are looking for the uncontested best experience on the waters of Kona, then be sure to book your private boat charter with Dolphin Discoveries today! Give us a call at 808-322-8000 so that we can speak about availability and all the details to ensure the best day possible. But, like all tours– we will likely book up fast during the height of tourist season on the island, be sure to call ASAP or risk losing out on this incredible opportunity.