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big island snorkeling tours

If you are looking for the trip of a lifetime, with experiences tailored to the whole family– you should definitely look into a snorkel adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii! From stunning coral reefs, to close encounters with sea creatures, even the chance to explore underwater lava tubes and sea caves, there is so much a good snorkel tour has to offer!


However, we know that there are so many options when it comes to booking your special day on the water. Here is what you can expect from the best tours in Kona so that you can start your research confidently and book with an amazing local company!

The Big Island is Home to Knowledgeable Snorkel Guides and Captains

While some think that coming face to face with a Parrotfish will be the most exciting part of your day out on the South Kona waters, we would argue that the chance to learn everything your heart desires about the ocean, is equally thrilling. Reputable local snorkel tour companies on the Big Island are helmed both by a knowledgeable captain and a well versed crew. 

From the mating and migration habits of humpback whales, to the behaviors of manta rays when they feed on phytoplankton; the Big Island’s snorkel tour guides are experts in all things Hawaiian marine life, be sure to speak with them if you have any questions during your time out.

Venture to Popular Hawaiian Reefs in Small Tour Groups

It is no secret that the Big Island has some of the best coral reefs in the Pacific, with that popularity so broad to tourists and locals alike, you may find yourself discouraged to go to these reefs for fear of how busy they are. Well, if you book your snorkel trip with a trusted local company, even the most popular sites will seem intimate.

Small group sizes can make all the difference, especially in areas like Kealakekua Bay- home of Captain Cook Monument. While this reef is one of the most popular in South Kona, the bay itself is large meaning your snorkel tour will likely find an area of the water that is bustling with marine activity but still away from the crowds. 

Have Safe and Ecologically Responsible Close Encounters with Hawaii’s Marine Life

The best part of booking your snorkel tour on the Big Island with a reputable local company is the ability to connect with marine life in the tropics, in an ecologically responsible way.

When choosing a snorkeling tour on the Big Island, consider looking at trusted local companies that offer these benefits, to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience exploring the underwater wonders of Hawaii.