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private boat charter near me

If you are planning a vacation to the tropics, especially to the Hawaiian islands, you may be looking at the ability to charter a private boat! This is not only the best experience when it comes to snorkeling and whale or dolphin watching, but it is a great way to learn more about the islands and the marine life that you may come into close contact with, from the experts, all while soaking in the sunshine.

If that sounds like the perfect day, you may be now wondering how you can make it all possible. I want to walk you through how I found the best private boat charter near me, while staying on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Private Boat Charters are Found Near Resorts or in Town

If you are looking for a private boat charter to spend an amazing day out on the water, looking at popular towns near the water. For example, when staying on the Big Island of Hawaii, I started (and ended) by searching for a private charter in Kona. Kona is near the water and home to many different snorkel tours and boat trips offered to groups. With so many different boats accessible for a wide variety of activities, it wasn’t a far stretch to assume that there would also be great private charter boats in the same area.

I was relieved to see that South Kona had a few different amazing tours offered, I chose my boat through what appealed most to myself and my group, in terms of experience, availability, activities, and amenities.

You Can Book a Private Boat Charter Online or With a Concierge

Once you have looked into where the private boat charters are offered near you, the next step is securing your spot aboard. If you are staying somewhere like Kona, you may have the opportunity to work with the concierge at your resort, to book your private charter and have them iron out the details. Alternatively, a great way to book is online. Booking through a boat company’s website allows you to speak directly with the captain and management team in order to figure out what would work best for your group in terms of what is offered or available. While many private charters do not have booking portals for this excursion, they will display their direct contact info– and you get the chance to read more about the company and the other experiences offered.

Check to See if Trusted Snorkel Tour or Dolphin Watch Boats do Private Charters

As alluded to in the previous paragraphs, some of the best private boat charters are offered through companies that specialize in small group boat tours and snorkel trips. Because the captain and crew are going out every day, they have a great sense of the water and the current marine life activity– this will allow for a more fulfilling overall adventure. You can read through their other tours on their website and even craft your expectations and wishes around what the company is an expert in. This is a great way to set yourself up for an amazing private charter with the best!