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private snorkel tour big island

For those looking to explore both popular reefs and hidden underwater sea caves, travel along the Kona Coastline, and have intimate encounters with marine life in the warm Hawaiian waters, you may want to consider embarking on a Big Island private snorkel tour!

While group tours of Captain Cook Monument or the Place of Refuge, can be fun; you can’t argue that being able to explore with your closest friends and family and tailoring the adventure to exactly what you desire, is unbeatable.

We want to walk you through what private snorkel tours on the Big Island have to offer and how you can secure your spot aboard one of these amazing boats!

Have More Intimate Encounters with Hawaiian Marine Life

When you embark on a snorkel tour with a group of people, you are all traveling to the same reef, getting into the water at the same time, and if there are a lot of people in your group– you could be scaring the fish and marine life away. Alternatively, when you set out on a private snorkel tour, your captain will place you at an area of the reef with lots of activity and the lack of many bodies in the water will discourage the fish from fleeing and hiding.

You’ll find that other marine life like sea turtles, eels, and even octopus will be more freely swimming in their natural habitat without hoards of perceived human intervention. So, if you want to see hundreds of tropical fish, you should consider booking your private snorkel tour.

Experience the Big Island’s Reefs all to Yourself

As mentioned, you will most likely experience more close encounters with Hawaii marine life while snorkeling on a private tour. In conjunction, your more intimate tour will be able to go to the most popular reefs at either times of the day when there are less scheduled group tours, or areas of the reef away from these large groups. Overall you will be able to swim without worrying about kicking someone, or being swum into by another human.

Create Lasting Memories with Close Friends and Family in Hawaii

While being able to experience a Hawaiian coral reef up close is incredible, nothing beats being able to create lifelong memories with your closest family and friends on a tropical vacation. A private snorkel charter of the Kona Coast will give you all the opportunity to grow closer as you dive into the water to explore underwater lava tubes and sea caves, relax on the boat deck snacking and soaking in the sun, you may even get to learn more about all the marine life you are coming into contact with through one on one conversations with your boat captain and crew.

If you are looking to book the most amazing snorkeling adventure, check out our private boat charters as well as our other tour pages to learn more about what you may have in store!