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private boat charter in Kona

It may be hard to believe, but there is a way that you can experience the wonders of the Hawaiian tropics all to yourself. Beat the crowds of tourists, come face to face with hundreds of marine creatures, and enjoy a relaxing sail all to yourself on a private charter of Kona Coast!


There are so many benefits to booking this experience for yourself or your close family and friends, but the process of finding the best private charter experience in Kona and booking can be an overwhelming one. Here is our quick guide to how you can book your perfect day out on the water!


Look at Top Rated Tour Boats in Kona


If you are looking for a private boat charter experience around Kona, the best place to start is by looking at the highest rated small group snorkel, dolphin, and whale watching tours in the area. The reason being, many of these small boats tend to offer private charter experiences, like Dolphin Discoveries! What’s even greater is, with a captain and crew well versed in the equipment and knowledge to conduct these other tour experiences with larger groups, they will be able lead you in different incredible explorations of all the best that Kona’s waters have to offer.


Create an Itinerary for Your Private Boat Charter in Kona


The best part about embarking on a private boat charter in Kona, is the ability to completely customize the experience around your goals and timeline for the day! Some people enjoy staying dry aboard the boat, and venturing out to see pods of dolphins or whales while soaking in the sun– you can do that! Alternatively, others love to explore everything that Kona has to offer below the water’s surface, things like bustling coral reefs, sea caves, and lava tubes are all there to be discovered– this is another option for the day. What if you want to combine the two? You can do that as well! Building off the notion that you will be venturing out on a private boat charter with one of the top rated tour companies on the Big Island, your captain and crew will have the knowledge and ability to make all of your wishes come true, weather and time allowing.


There’s no waiting for other people to show up late to the tour, no bumping into hoards of other tourists trying to see the same sea turtle or Parrotfish, and absolutely no discomfort being with strangers.


Talk to a Kona Resort Concierge or Look Online for Private Charters


Now that you have a checklist of what your ideal private boat charter may look like, as well as a general idea on where you may be able to find a great company to spend the day with. However, when it comes to booking, you’ll quickly notice that there is no easy “book” button on websites. Because of how tailored these experiences are to you, the best way to secure your spot aboard is to call the company directly (instructions are likely found on their private boat charter information page), or to reach out to the concierge at the resort you are staying at.