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big island manta ray snorkel

If you are searching for one of the most thrilling, exciting, and interesting experiences that the Big Island has to offer– look into a manta ray snorkel. Not only is this experience one of the safest, and ecologically responsible close encounters you can have across the Hawaiian islands, but it is also quickly becoming one of the most popular. Recent legislation aimed to protect native species of dolphins in Hawaii has prohibited people from swimming alongside the creatures– this left the Big Island manta ray snorkel as one of the only close encounters with large marine animals.

Not only is a Big Island manta ray snorkel safe when experienced through one of Kona’s accredited local tour companies, but they are a great way to experience wildlife in an ecologically responsible manner. Keep reading and we’ll dive into what exactly you can expect on a Big Island manta ray snorkel.

Getting Outfitted in the Proper Gear for a Night Manta Ray Snorkel

The only way to experience the magic of a manta ray night snorkel on the Big Island is aboard one of Kona’s trusted tour boats. What’s arguably as great as knowing that you are with a knowledgeable crew who care about your safety as well as the safety of the animals, is that you can trust that everything you need to make this experience a success is aboard the boat! While the waters around Hawaii are still relatively warm, you will be outfitted with a wet suit–ensuring you won’t get cold during the long stretches of floating in the water watching the rays. They will also provide you a mask and snorkel so you may see the manta “ballet” without missing a beat.

Some manta night snorkel tours will follow up your time in the water with hot drinks and snacks– a perfect refuel and warm up after the ocean! It is truly a delight following one of the coolest tours in the world.

Close Encounters With the Big Island’s Manta Ray Population

We briefly touched on the impact that humans can have on Hawaii’s oceanic ecosystem. As the years progress more legislation is being brought up and passed locally in order to protect the various marine species and coral ecosystems across the islands. A Big Island manta ray snorkel is the best and arguably only way you can have a safe and facilitated interaction with native Hawaiian sea creatures. Even when snorkeling one of the islands’ reefs– you will have to keep at least a 10 foot distance from sea turtles and other creatures living within the coral.

An Expert Big Island Guide Snorkeling in the Water With You

What makes the entire experience of a Big Island manta ray snorkel, as great and safe as it is– the expert guides. The whole snorkel trip is made possible through booking with a trusted local boat company, the adventure will ensure that you have an in water guide who will not only be able to give you instructions- but keep everything running smoothly. This is at the cornerstone of the snorkel of a lifetime. Be sure to check out our other articles if you want to learn more about how you can book your spot aboard one of these awesome boats ASAP.