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night dive kona manta ray

If you are looking to experience the thrill of a lifetime– be sure to check out a night dive with Kona’s manta ray population! Not only is Kona one of the only places across the Hawaiian islands that offer this experience, but it is seldom found in other places in the world. This unique close encounter through trusted local companies is not only safe, but it wholly unlike any other oceanic experience offered.

If you are curious as to what you can expect from a Kona manta ray night dive, or how you can secure your spot aboard one of these popular tours, then be sure to keep reading as we will guide you through everything!

Witness the Manta Ray “Ballet” Beneath Kona’s Waters

One of the most amazing things you will see upon embarking on a night dive with Kona’s manta rays is what is fondly known as the manta ray “ballet”. This dance is actually the graceful way in which manta rays feed on their favorite snack– phytoplankton. When you enter the water, you will be accompanied by your in water guide and their illumination device. Not only does this floating device light up the water in order for you to see everything better– but it attracts the phytoplankton.

The plankton will be at the surface (where you likely will be) and therefore the manta rays will start participating in these large backflips, also known as barrel rolls, in order to collect as many of these tiny creatures as they can in their toothless mouths. If multiple manta rays arrive this ballet is in true affect as they will dance around each other and feast all while you observe.

Enjoy the Boat Trip Out to the Manta Ray Sanctuary in Kona

One of our favorite parts of the night dive manta ray experience is the boat trip out to the bay. Likely, you and your snorkel tour boat will be traveling out to one of the shallow bays home to many plankton and manta rays, one popular one is nicknamed “Manta Village”. On this trip out you will not only get the chance to become more comfortable with everyone and the entire experience you are about to have– but talk with your guide(s) about how you can keep yourself and the animals safe while having a great time.

Explore a Night Dive Alongside Kona’s Expert Manta Ray Guides

The boat trip out is a ton of fun, but being in the water among the expert guides and the marine life is even more of an adventure! You will not only learn how to safely allow these close encounters with Kona’s gentle manta rays to happen– but experience the warm tropical waters at night– something that few other people will ever experience. The expert guides are so knowledgeable about everything surrounding this night dive. They will not only be your greatest resource in the water but after, especially for those who are curious about Kona’s unique oceanic ecosystem. You can read more about how to book your trip here!