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snorkel tours big island

There is so much that awaits you aboard one of the amazing snorkel tours of Big Island. From close encounters with the vibrant fish and sea life that lives within the coral, to witnessing spinner dolphins and whales off the side of your boat put on a show, don’t wait another minute to secure your spot aboard!

We wanted to create this quick guide to walk you through not only what you can expect from snorkel tours on the Big Island, but all you may uncover during your time just below the surface of the tropical Pacific.

The 2 Best Reefs on Snorkel Tours of the Big Island

If you are looking into booking your snorkel tour, the Big Island is the best place to venture out! You will notice during your research that two snorkel spots are more frequently visited by the island’s snorkel tour boats, than anything else.

  • Captain Cook Monument

The Captain Cook Monument, found along Kealakekua Bay, is known not only for its incredible coral reef and vibrant marine life, but for its place in modern Hawaiian history. The monument was erected in the spot where British colonist Captain Cook was slain. These days, snorkel tours on the Big Island will stop by, not only to visit the landmark– but to explore the intricate ecosystem just below the water’s surface.

  • The Place of Refuge

The Place of Refuge is not only another home to one of Hawaii’s vibrant reefs, but it is one of the most sacred places to native Hawaiian culture. Many have worked to preserve this site alongside the incredible ecosystems that it supports over the years, leaving trusted snorkeling tours to be the main proponents of visitors to the area.

Reef Fish You Will See While Snorkeling on the Big Island

The reefs around the Big Island are home to big and small marine animals alike! Some of the most common fish around the coral reefs and bays along the Kona coast are Parrotfish, Triggerfish, and even Sturgeon fish! You may be able to find a variety of fish from the cast of Finding Nemo– even the turtles that cruise by the snorkel areas resemble Crush! 

While spotting fish that resemble those in a Pixar film, or your local aquarium, is fun for the whole family– there is still so much to explore. Spinner dolphins, native to Hawaii, are known to swim in the deeper waters and may even pass by your snorkel boat on your trip out! Your captain and crew will also be able to take you to the most popular areas of any reef you go to– something that is impossible to experience without their expertise.

Why Big Island Snorkel Tours are SO Popular!

The reason that Big Island snorkel tours are so popular is tenfold. There are so many reasons, many of which we have expressed here and in great detail in other articles, but they all revolve around the vibrancy and activity of the coral reefs just a short boat ride away!