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Snorkel Captain Cook

If you’re someone looking for the ultimate Big Island experience during your tropical vacation–odds are you have already heard about Captain Cook excursions. Captain Cook is not only one of the greatest cultural historical sites among the islands, but is home to one of the greatest coral reefs in the world. Everything from tiny reef fish to giant manta rays calls the waters around the bay home; and you have a unique opportunity to come into close contact with them!

There are a wide array of different tours offered from Kona’s marinas that promise to bring you to the Captain Cook Monument– however, it is important to do your research and determine which experience aligns best with your goals for the venture. Here are some of our guidelines on what you can expect and how you can secure your spot aboard this, in-high-demand trip.

Why Captain Cook is an Important Place to Visit in Kona

Embarking on a Captain Cook excursion is not only something that is sure to delight those of all ages, but it is an extremely important area as it pertains to both ancient and modern Hawaiian history. From an ecological perspective, the coral reef below the surface is a huge marker as to how healthy the marine life around the islands are. When Hawaii is experiencing a multitude of negative interaction with the marine life, the coral starts to dull and die and with that, destroys the habitat of many fish. Alternatively, when the islands and the life around it are thriving the coral is bright– this beauty and lush life is something that can be preserved through environmentally responsible tourism.

Aside from Captain Cook’s environment cornerstone, the area is also an important part of Hawaiian history. The area is most well known for it’s namesake– the British colonist Captain Cook– who was slain where the monument was eventually erected. You can read more about Captain Cook monument and the impact it symbolizes to Hawaiian culture, in our article here.

What You Will See on a Captain Cook Excursion

If you choose to explore Captain Cook aboard one of Kona’s great excursions, you are sure to see some of the revered marine life that are found in no other parts of the world! While the reefs do change in aquatic popularity from day to day– and even moreso, season to season– your local tour guide will try to place you at the most active parts of the bay to give you the best possible chance to see a wide variety of tropical ocean life.

Some of the most common things that people report seeing are the reef fish, this can include Parrotfish, Triggerfish, and Sturgeon Fish. Larger marine creatures like the Hawaiian sea turtle, octopi, and even manta rays have been reported to swim around the reef from time to time. Most excitingly is that the native Hawaiian spinner dolphins are known to frequent the deeper areas of the bay and can be seen off the side of your boat– if you’re lucky!

The Best Way to Explore Captain Cook, Hawaii

There are a few ways that people opt to explore the wonders of the bay, but our highest recommendation for a Captain Cook excursion is to book a spot aboard one of Kona’s small group boat tour companies. There are plenty of these to choose from so make sure to do your research!