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kona snorkel trip

If you are itching to get into the tropical waters and come face to face with some of the most amazing marine life in the world– we’re here to help! It’s an open secret that Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii has some of the greatest coral reefs in the world. Marine creatures ranging from tiny fish to gigantic manta rays all call the bays and open waters of the West coastline home.

No matter what time of year you are looking to travel to the youngest island in the state of Hawaii, here are our recommendations on how to plan the best Kona snorkel trip ever!

Link Up with Kona’s Trusted Local Snorkel Trip Boats

A seemingly obvious piece of advice is to book your Kona snorkel trip with one of the island’s trusted local tour boats. This not only will give you the greatest possible advantage in seeing as much oceanic life as possible, but you can be assured that their team of experts will work to place you at the most active parts of the best reefs on the island.

What’s as great as being chauffeured to the most amazing snorkeling in the world, the fact that your team of local experts facilitating this snorkel experience are providing you with everything you need: from knowledge to gear. Kona’s local expert guides pride themselves in creating an all inclusive experience. You will be outfitted with a snorkel and mask– and in some cases fins and swimming aids– as well as water on board to quench the thirst that will likely arise after an hour in the sea water. In addition, make sure to ask questions about the sea life you encounter, and the different habitats– many local guides are also marine experts and can provide insight.

Research The Best Time of Year for a Kona Snorkel Trip

The best time of year to embark on a Kona snorkel trip can be subjective. If you are someone who loves whales– then be sure to travel to the islands during the winter as you will likely be able to hear the whales’ song from miles away with your head underwater. Alternatively, if you want to beat the crowds that can gather from other local tour groups at the most popular reefs, traveling to the islands during low season (in early fall or before spring break) can be a great option!

One thing that you can count on is Hawaii’s year round good weather. While the Big Island may have increased times of rain, the water is typically always warm.

Look Into Kona’s Best Snorkeling Reefs for Your Trip

The two most popular reefs on the Big Island are Captain Cook and the Place of Refuge. When booking with a local tour company, you will likely explore one, or both, of these reefs during your Kona snorkel trip. You really can’t go wrong either way as both are known for their rich cultural history as well as their vibrant reef life. You may get the chance to see everything from large Hawaiian sea turtles and manta rays to small fish and crustaceans that live among the coral.

Get excited! Your upcoming Kona snorkel trip is sure to be the experience of a lifetime!