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south kona snorkel expedition

If you are looking for the ultimate experience for yourself and your family– check out a South Kona snorkeling expedition! These snorkeling experiences will explore the most popular and incredible reefs across the Kona coastline as well as give ample opportunity to learn more about the ecology and marine life you will be having close encounters with along your journey. Even better, the boat trip out and back in and of itself delights all ages! If you have family, who have swimming skills and will be able to breathe through their mask safely, ready for the excitement that comes with uncovering ocean magic, and they want to explore South Kona– then keep reading!

Opting for a Guided versus Self Run Kona Snorkeling Experience

Right off the bat, the safest South Kona snorkeling expedition you can have will be guided by the experts on the island. This is especially important if you have family members who are either relatively new to snorkeling or they may need extra assistance and encouragement in and out of the water. As mentioned, this experience is one that should be attempted by those with some swimming skill, and we encourage those who are newer to practice breathing through the snorkel either in shallow water, or even better, a pool– to get used to the feeling.

When you try to run your own South Kona snorkeling expedition, trying to hit up one of the popular snorkeling spots along the coast, you may run into some issues. We have written about some restrictions that snorkeling areas along South Kona have that may prevent you from accessing them from the roads– as well as placing all the responsibility on you to provide for yourself and ensure that you are checking off everything you need– unlike a guided snorkel tour that will have all this for you.

Where You Will Go Aboard a Guided South Kona Snorkel Expedition

The two most popular and common snorkeling destinations for Kona’s tours are Captain Cook Monument and The Place of Refuge. These are not only revered for their amazing abundant marine life, but their stunning reefs that serve as a home for the hundreds of tropical fish in the bays. Both of these snorkeling destinations are best accessed by snorkel tour boats as they have the ability, not only to drop you at the best parts of the reef, but they are also sanctioned for the area and can teach you more about the history and ecology you are encountering.

The South Kona Sea Life You Will See While Snorkeling

No matter where you go, or what type of South Kona snorkel expedition you choose– you are sure to see some amazing things. The most popular marine life that people report seeing are the varieties of marine life that call the coral their home, and tend to be ducking in and around the different cut outs and caves in the reef. Some lucky snorkelers may even see Hawaiian sea turtles, manta rays, eels, and even spinner dolphins!