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private boat charter kona

One of the most exclusive and exciting experiences offered across the Big Island is a Private boat charter leaving from Kona! You will be able to craft this experience around your schedule, your preferences, and include only the people that you want aboard- besides the captain and crew.

If you book your private boat charter you have the opportunity to go whale watching, snorkeling, exploring, or spending a romantic evening with a loved one as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. There is something for everyone– so keep reading and learn more about what you can do aboard a private boat charter in Kona.

Take Your Whole Family on a Private Boat Charter of Kona

A private boat charter leaving from Kona is an amazing experience for the entire family! Depending on what you want to do and where you want to go, you will have the opportunity to venture to Kona’s awesome coral reefs and snorkel alongside Kona’s wildlife which includes Hawaiian sea turtles, reef fish, and manta rays. If you and your family aren’t the strongest of swimmers or would rather stay dry aboard the boat– you have the opportunity to go on a dolphin or whale watching day excursion to see these majestic animals play and breach the water!

Aside from the animals, the captains and crews who helm these experiences are wrought with extensive knowledge on Kona’s ecology and the various histories, feel free to ask questions and encourage more information as to learn more about the various incredible aspects of Kona.

Where Kona’s Private Boat Charters Will Venture

Like, the schedule of a private boat charter when you book for your entire family, this is dependent on your goal for the trip as a whole! If you are looking to explore the wonders of Kona’s reefs then you will likely explore popular sites like Captain Cook and the Place of Refuge, as well as any underwater sea caves and hidden shores that the captain and crew are able to venture to that day. Alternatively, if you are looking for that whale or dolphin watching adventure– you will likely stay aboard the boat and venture into deeper waters where pods are known to frequent.

However, if you are someone with a good amount of time aboard the private boat charter once it leaves Kona, then you may find that you have the availability to explore all that Kona’s shores has to offer. Make sure that you touch base with your captain and crew about where you can go and what you can accomplish during your time together.

Everything You Need to Know Before Booking a Private Boat Charter

If you are dead set on booking your private boat charter for your Kona vacation– congratulations! This is the start of an incredible adventure during your time on the Big Island of Hawaii. The best place to start is to read our article on how you can book one of these amazing private boat charter experiences, as well as everything you need to know to ensure that you are booking with the best possible company!