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best kona snorkeling tours

If you are trying to plan the best possible vacation to the bustling town of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii– then you would be remiss if you skipped out on one of the island’s greatest experiences: a snorkel tour! On a snorkel tour you will have the chance to have a close encounter with some of the island’s greatest marine life, learn more about the island and its ecosystems, and spend a ton of time in and out of the water exploring the waters around the island.

If this all sounds great– the next important step to taking part in this amazing adventure is booking a tour that is sure to take part in all the most memorable aspects of this experience! How can you be sure that you book one of the Best Kona snorkeling tours? Keep reading to find out.

Make Sure that You Read Kona Snorkeling Tours’ Online Reviews

It is important when embarking on any tour on the Hawaiian islands and beyond, that you read online reviews. This is especially true when it comes to a snorkeling excursion as there are many moving parts that need attention from a credible captain and crew. You want a team who is not only knowledgeable about the marine life you will see and the vessel that you will be traveling on, but the equipment that you will be outfitted in from their team.

Reading reviews online, or checking with your resort’s concierge is a great way to gain a better understanding of each potential snorkeling tour company you book with, and what the entirety of the tour may contain. We’ve found that the best Kona snorkeling tours will readily display online reviews and accreditations across various trusted platforms on their website!

The Best Kona Snorkeling Tours Will Align With Your Preferences

This is something that may go unconsidered when in the beginning stages of planning your Kona snorkeling tour, however it is something of the utmost importance. Various tours across various companies will differ in critical things like what is provided by the team, the size of the tour, the time that the tour occurs, where you will go, and how much time you will have in and out of the water. The greatest piece of advice that we have to ensure that you are booking your best Kona snorkeling tour, is to base it around your skill level; if you are someone who has never been on a snorkeling tour before– you may want to look into a small group and short tour, so that you have more face time with the captain and crew and overall less time in the water which can be exhausting for first timers. Contrarily, if this is your 20th snorkeling excursion, a small tour that ventures to various spots across Kona may be the ideal option for you!

It Is Important to Book Your Kona Snorkeling Tour in Advance!

If you take anything away from this article, remember that it is so important that you book your snorkel tour in advance! The best Kona snorkeling tours will book up fast– you don’t want to be boarding the plane or wondering what you should do for the day and then realizing that the best adventures are already booked up. Some of the busiest seasons like winter break, spring break, and thanksgiving break may already be booked so be sure to check now!