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night manta ray adventure kona

Manta rays are some of the most incredible creatures found in the Pacific Ocean. Known for a variety of reasons including their impressive size (manta rays can grow to have a twelve foot wingspan), their gentle nature, and their frequency in shallow waters and bays– including those of Kona, Hawaii.

While other close encounter experiences across the Hawaiian islands like dolphin and whale watch tours, are carried out aboard the boat and at a safe distance, a night manta ray adventure on Kona involved getting into the water and floating at the surface while manta rays do barrel rolls in order to feed on the microscopic plankton in the water. If you are looking to book your own night manta ray adventure in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, then keep reading and we’ll walk you through what you can expect!

You Won’t Believe the Close Encounters You Will Have Aboard a Night Time Manta Ray Adventure!

A night adventure with manta rays in Kona may be more of an exciting experience than you expect with a closer encounter than you may have ever experienced, even through a snorkel. These creatures are gentle giants of the sea, unlike their closely related cousins the sting ray, they have no barbed tail, nor do they have teeth like other large ocean animals.

The way in which a night time manta ray adventure in Kona works is you will be escorted to the center of one of Kona’s warm shallow bays, a hub of manta ray activity. From there, a member of your tour’s crew will get into the water along with a flotation device that acts as an aid for you and the group to stay in the right place to have this close encounter, as well as attract hoards of phytoplankton, the manta ray’s favorite snack. From there just float with your snorkel and mask and enjoy the show!

Why Manta Ray Tours Are Held at Night in Kona

As mentioned briefly, manta ray tours are all held at night so that they may attract the manta rays through bringing their favorite food: phytoplankton to the surface. Phytoplankton are nearly-microscopic ocean creatures that are attracted to a special light, which will be replicated by your tour guides. While manta rays are not nocturnal, they are still highly active at this point in the evening, just after sundown.

One of the most popular manta ray hotspots is familiarly known as Manta Village, and it has become the manta’s playground as the Sheraton Kona has cast light on the bay, therefore attracting phytoplankton, which therefore attract the rays. While we create this experience using artificial things like light– it is still a rewarding symbiotic experience.

Where You Can Book a Night Time Manta Ray Adventure in Kona

If you are looking to book your manta ray night adventure on Kona, then be sure to check out our website for an easy booking experience as well as our other articles that dive further into this awesome experience!