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manta ray tours big island

Are you looking for an aquatic experience unlike any other? Then a manta ray tour could be the perfect addition to your Hawaiian vacation. You will not only get the chance to come up close and personal with some of the island’s largest gentle giants, but have the chance to embark on an entirely unique nocturnal adventure.

We have written in the past on how to choose the best manta ray tour near you, today we’ll delve a little deeper into what makes manta ray tours on the Big Island so special!

You Will Experience an Incredible Close Encounter With Manta Rays

A lot of those who visit the Hawaiian islands are looking to craft close encounters with marine life found nowhere else in the world. While recent legislation prohibits swimming with dolphins and other creatures like Honu (Hawaiian Sea Turtles) should be left at least 10 feet distance from yourself, you can still come face to gills with the gigantic Hawaiian manta rays.

You will be taken out onto the water via one one of Hawaii’s trusted tour boats, from there your in water guide and captain will work to position you along the illuminated flotation device, with your body flat as a board along the surface, all you have to do is wait and the rays will come to you!

Manta Rays Perform the Most Spectacular Nighttime Show

What happens during a manta ray night snorkel on the Big Island is more than meets the eye. While many assume that the manta rays seem to be dancing beneath the light shone by your in water flotation aid, in actuality this is the way in which manta rays will feed on phytoplankton. These phytoplankton are conversely attracted to the light that you are using to illuminate the water– a fully symbiotic relationship that allows this entire experience to shine.

A Manta Ray Tour on the Big Island Creates Unforgettable Memories

One of the key reasons that we see more and more Big Island manta ray tours being booked than ever before, is the unforgettable memories that you are bound to make aboard the tour. From seeing the majestic barrel rolls of the rays, to seeing the ocean floor light up below, even the post-dive hot cocoa and snacks to wrap up the day! You will surely be talking about these moments for years to come.

Immerse yourself in the magic of manta ray tours on the Big Island and prepare for an extraordinary close encounter. From the captivating barrel rolls of the manta rays to their mystical underwater dances and stunning natural environment, these tours offer a truly magical and unforgettable experience. You will leave you with cherished memories for years to come.