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kona boat tours

Are you looking for the perfect escape to round out your Hawaiian getaway? A Kona boat tour may be for you! There are many different experiences offered by trusted local tour companies on the island, so whether you want to stay in the water all day on a snorkeling expedition of South Kona, venture off the coast to discover pods of spinner dolphins or whales, or even relax aboard a private charter– there is something for anyone!

Visit Kona’s Spectacular Coral Reefs

Few coral reefs anywhere else in the world can compare to those found in South Kona. From the Place of Refuge, a culturally significant area that combines native Hawaiian history with pristine waters, to Captain Cook Monument, a large reef filled with hundreds of tropical fish.

While there are so many wondrous areas to drop in and snorkel around, the best way to explore the most populous areas of the coral reef, are on a snorkel tour. You will have the chance to drop in, right in the middle of the action.

Charter a Boat and Privately Explore the Wondrous Kona Coastline

One of the most exclusive and rewarding experiences is booking a private charter along the Kona Coastline. We have gone into greater depth on what all is involved in booking your own private boat charter; but in brief, it is the experience to completely customize the day around you!

A private boat charter works around your own schedule as well as works with what your main goals are for the day. If you would prefer to stay on deck and spend your time exploring the bays and coast searching for whale and spinner dolphin pods. Contrary, if you are someone who loves spending time in the water, more time among the coral reefs and sea caves is right up your alley. Bottom line, when booking your private boat charter make sure to have an open and honest conversation with your local tour company to make sure that you can tailor the day to exactly what you desire!

Come Face to Gills with Hawaii’s Greatest Sea Creatures

When planning your boat adventure in Hawaii, you may find yourself wanting to spend more time learning about the unique animals that call these tropical waters home; the greatest adventure to do this on is a dolphin watch or whale watching tour. Depending on the season, you will have the chance to see these marine creatures breach, jump, and play in the waters. While you won’t be able to get into the water among these pods, dolphins especially love to put on shows for boat tour patrons year round!

Kona boat tours offer a gateway to the wondrous underwater world. Whether you’re seeking a snorkeling exploration of beautiful reefs, wildlife close encounters, or simply a relaxing private charter along the coastline, these tours provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic that the Big island Hawaii has to offer. Choose your desired trip and embark on a journey that will leave you with lifelong memories