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manta ray night dive in hawaii

Fastly becoming the most popular snorkeling excursion that one can embark on, a manta ray night dive on the Kona Coast is simply a “Must Do” on your next Big Island vacation. With their increased popularity, finding the best tour for you can be overwhelming. Here is our simple guide to the best manta ray night dives in Kona, and how you can book with confidence.


Uncover the Magic of Kona’s Manta Ray Night Dives


There are a few places around the Big Island of Hawaii that are thought to be the ideal spots to drop in for a close encounter. Our favorite is Manta Village, also known as Keauhou Bay. This is the best spot for a manta ray night dive, the bay is sheltered from the rough waves of the Pacific, and the bright lights from the Sheraton Hotel, alongside our own illuminated flotation devices, attract hordes of plankton to where we are in the water. Plankton are manta ray’s favorite food, this is what lures these large creatures to us and from there they barrel roll and dance along the bay’s shallow floor.


The key to a magical manta ray night dive is making sure that you are aboard a boat with a knowledgeable captain and crew that will drop you in the best and safest spot with seasoned guides in the water with you; like our team at Dolphin Discoveries.


A Manta Ray Night Dive in Kona is the Thrill of a Lifetime


This snorkel tour experience is limited to those that are stronger swimmers and have experience snorkeling in the past. This ease of breath through the mask and familiarity floating in the water and coming into close contact with marine creatures creates the safest and most rewarding experience for you as well as the small group aboard the boat with you.


This does not mean that this tour is reserved for professionals or Olympic athletes. The reason that there are more guidelines around experience in the ocean versus other snorkel tours is that we know how intimidating a large creature, with a 12 foot wingspan, can be when grazing you. Don’t be discouraged as this is truly the greatest thrill of a lifetime in the hour that you will be in the water with the manta rays!


You Can Swim With Kona’s Manta Rays Tonight!


A Kona night snorkel with the island’s manta rays is truly the closest encounter you will get with these creatures anywhere in the world. When you book with a trusted company, like Dolphin Discoveries, you are ensured a crew that will not only craft the best experience in the water, but can readily answer any questions and teach you more about the animals.


Book your spot aboard the boat before it’s too late! Remember, these tours are the most popular snorkel experiences year-round, so they fill up fast!