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snorkeling in Kailua Kona

If you are booking a trip to the young and adventure-filled Big Island of Hawaii, a day of snorkeling is sure to be on your radar. The underwater world of Kailua Kona’s Coast is one of the most diverse and interesting out of any oceanic destination.


Here is our guide on the things you must consider before planning your day out on the Pacific.


Plan! Know Your Limits When Snorkeling Kailua Kona’s Coastline


The open ocean can be an intimidating thing for even the most experienced swimmer. That being said– when you are planning your snorkeling excursion, be realistic and strategic about which reefs you are looking to explore.


The best way to judge these limits and explore some of the most lush reefs of Kailua Kona while ensuring your safety, is booking a day trip aboard an accredited snorkel tour group. A smaller, more boutique experience would be the best way to facilitate close encounters with marine life while working within your experience level. Luckily for beginners, the two greatest snorkeling spots in Kailua Kona, (Captain Cook’s Monument and the Place of Refuge), are accessible on one of these tours. 


Avoid Touching or Disturbing Kailua Kona’s Marine Life


Snorkeling is a great opportunity to see this tropical underwater world up close, but it’s important to respect the marine environment. Avoid touching or disturbing any marine life, and keep a safe distance from them.


In recent years, legislation has passed which bans the popularized practice of swimming within dolphin pods and hardens the stance against disturbing marine creatures that live in Hawaii’s waters. The rule of thumb, especially for larger creatures like sea turtles who frequent the shores both above and below the water, is 10 feet or more distance between you and the animal.


Follow this guideline and you will have tons of fun while keeping yourself and the underwater community safe!


Stay Hydrated on Your Snorkel Trip


The rule of thumb for your day to day life, has an even greater importance when it comes to planning a day of snorkeling in Hawaii. Not only will the salty ocean water drain you, but the hot tropical temps will require a water bottle nearby. The good news is, when booking a snorkel boat tour, the captain and crew aboard Dolphin Discoveries ensure that there is juice and water readily available.


If you are planning to DIY your snorkel experience, then be sure that you keep a large storage of water readily available to you, especially once getting out of the water.


You’re Sure to Have Fun Snorkeling Kailua Kona


These are just a few of the best tips when it comes to beginner snorkeling in Kailua Kona. That doesn’t mean that the rules don’t apply to seasoned swimmers. Knowing your limits, especially in new waters, keeping yourself and the marine life safe by keeping your hands off, and staying hydrated are all cornerstones to making sure you have the best day!