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woman snorkeling in KonaThe sunny Kona District stretches across almost two-thirds of the entire West side of the island of Hawaii—from south of Anaehoomalu Bay (Waikoloa Beach Resort) to Manuka Park (Kau). To the south, Kona boasts calm and clear waters perfect for snorkeling, diving, sailing, and spotting dolphins and honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles).

For those who want to experience snorkeling with gentle, graceful sea creatures, Kona snorkeling is the perfect sea adventure for you and your family!

Convenient Location

Kona is a perfect spot for snorkeling due to its easily accessible, sheltered, and shallow bay, home to one of Hawaii’s highest concentrations of fishes. It also boasts several tide pools teeming with tropical fish, especially during low tide.

Best Ocean Conditions

Kona has a magnificent coastline that blocks large ocean swells, making the ocean conditions excellent for snorkeling. The Kona Coast is also the perfect spot for dolphins to rest and swim, giving you a magnificent view of them from shore or on a boat. Kona snorkel trips also include arches, lava tubes, and caverns.

Manta Ray Haven

From dolphins and golden schools of fish to beautiful corals, Kona has stunning bays and beaches that let you see whales and dolphins, among other creatures along the way! But snorkeling in Hawaii is even made more special by its manta rays and impressive marine life.

Thousands of visitors gather at night to witness the massive manta ray, which can weigh up to 2,000 lbs and has an 18-foot wingspan. Kona is home to over 300 Manta Ray, which you can see up close and personal!

Wild Dolphin Watching

Are you up for locating and viewing Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins? The Dolphin Kona excursions allow you to enjoy watching dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and other sea animals in the warm tropical waters off the coast. With the help of a knowledgeable crew, you’ll learn about the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins’ life cycle, habitats, and behaviors. So whether you want to see some graceful dolphins darting smoothly through the waves or observe a pod off in the distance as they travel together, it’s all possible!

Tips When Snorkeling in Kona

Prepare essentials

From high-quality snorkel gear, fins, mask, and de-fogger to sunscreen ensure you have everything you need. You can add a fish ID card and booties to protect your feet during your Kona snorkel trips.

Snorkel with a colleague

Snorkeling with a partner or buddy makes the activity safer and more fun. Your partner can also provide support if necessary.

Know your gear

Wear your gear correctly and ask the person in charge when you have questions and concerns. For example, if you have worries about clearing your mask underwater, inquire about it before jumping in.

If you want to get the most out of your snorkeling experience, it’s best to do it when the sun’s still out. The marine life view is great all year round due to Kona’s excellent water clarity.

Be respectful and have fun

Coral reefs comprise millions of micro marine animals. And although corals look like plants and rocks, they are live creatures that deserve respect and care from everyone.

Best Snorkeling Spots For Kona Snorkel Tours

Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua, home of the Captain Cook Monument, is the best spot for snorkeling if you’re looking for an underwater marine sanctuary with dolphins and sea turtles. A long hike or kayak are ways to get there, but arriving by a boat provides snorkelers access to the best spots. You can rent snorkeling boat tours in Kona to visit the sanctuary.

Kahalu’u Beach Park

If you’re hoping to see some turtles, Kahalu’u Beach is the right spot for you. You’ll see quite a few sunning on the warm rocks or feeding on seaweed. Want to go for last-minute snorkeling? Kahalu’u Beach is the perfect place to do so.

Honaunau Bay – the City of Refuge

The water in Honaunau Bay is mostly calm, with exceptional visibility most of the year. In 2004, the Travel Channel named Honaunau Bay one of “America’s Best Beaches 2004.”

Get the Most Out of Kona Snorkeling with Dolphin Discoveries

Want to get the best out of Kona snorkel tours?

Dolphin Discoveries wants to help you form beautiful memories by taking you on snorkeling trips and Kona excursions to experience majestic manta rays.

Join us on this beautiful adventure by booking your Kona snorkeling trip with us. Get in touch with us today!

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