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captain cook morning snorkeling kona

It is no secret that one of the best places to snorkel across the Hawaiian islands is Captain Cook Monument. Known historically in western society at the place where British colonist Captain Cook was slain, known by natives as home to a place of reverence to the native people, and known in modern day for the incredible array of marine life that live within the expansive coral reef. Many snorkel tours that leave from the bustling town of Kona, make sure to include captain cook on their adventures– and we want to go over why; and also why it is so rewarding to explore Captain Cook aboard a morning snorkeling tour!

Wake Up With the Tropical Marine Life of Captain Cook in Kona

There is no shortage of vibrant marine life sure to wake up all your senses on a Captain Cook morning snorkel in Kona. There are few chances anywhere else in the world that would allow you to start your day off any better way. The trip out aboard one of Kona’s trusted snorkel boats is sure to lull you awake and the minute you hit the tepid water and set off to explore the reef you’ll be rife with excitement. Some amazing animals that you may get to see up close are the Hawaiian sea turtles, reef fish (like parrotfish and triggerfish), eels, octopus, and even manta rays if you’re lucky!

Some patrons of a Captain Cook morning snorkel report seeing native Hawaiian spinner dolphins put on a show towards the sea for the groups of early risers!

Why Morning Snorkeling of Captain Cook in Kona is so Popular

A morning snorkel is popular for a variety of different reasons. Apart from being able to start your day with one of the most incredible experiences that the Hawaiian islands has to offer, you are also taking part in a snorkel before the hot sun reaches its peak. This could spare you a nasty sunburn from the afternoon rays hitting your back as it skims the top of the water, and potential dehydration. While the best snorkeling tour boats are known to provide you with things like water, sunscreen, and various necessities– there is no getting around the brutality that can be the sun during a hot Hawaiian day.

How to Get Involved With a Morning Snorkeling Tour of Captain Cook

If you are looking to take part in this awesome morning experience, be sure to check out our other articles which cover the basics of a Captain Cook snorkel tour. With that, many snorkel tour companies that operate out of Kona are known to offer this experience; if you want to figure out what exactly each morning snorkel has to offer and whether or not this aligns with your expectations and preferences– be sure to check out online reviews and the companies page!