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Captain Cook Snorkel Kona

When thinking of snorkeling while vacationing in the Hawaiian Islands, many picture neon fish, brightly colored color reefs, and warm salty waters. This is not a far stretch from the reality of snorkeling in places like Captain Cook Monument on the Big Island of Hawaii. Known for all of these crowning attributes of the perfect tropical snorkel, as well as being home to one of the most sacred sights in contemporary Hawaiian history; this is a can’t miss adventure for ocean lovers.

There are so many different ways to embark on a snorkel of Captain Cook, and some definitely yield a better experience than others. Keep reading and we’ll break down what we have found makes for the best Kona, Captain Cook Snorkel.

How to Choose the Best Captain Cook Snorkel Experience

Kealakekua Bay, home to Captain Cook Monument and the plentiful reef that lines the shore, is best experienced through a boat tour. There are many reasons that we believe that a snorkel boat tour is a better way to visit the reef, rather than exploring the waters on your own with rented gear.

By far and away boats are the most fun for a day out on the water off of Kona Coast! When you embark on your Captain Cook adventure aboard the vessel with your experienced captain, you have thus opened up a world of exploration! An experienced Big Island captain will not only drop you off at the best spots along Captain Cook’s reefs, but on your venture out to the bay and back you may get to explore the hidden sea caves and lava tubes along the coastline.

Environmental Awareness: Protecting the Fragile Ecosystem of Captain Cook Bay

The biggest thing to keep in mind when snorkeling anywhere in the world, besides precautions for personal safety, is to practice environmental awareness to preserve the fragile marine ecosystems you are observing. When the Hawaiian islands shut down in 2020 and travel restrictions were implemented, the coral reefs and all of their inhabitants had a chance to heal from the effects of over tourism.

Now as more and more people are choosing to travel to the tropical islands and explore the underwater sights, it is the increased responsibility of tourists, locals, and tour companies to abide by responsible practices to protect themselves and marine life.

Some best practices when snorkeling Captain Cook Monument in Kona are:

  1. Wear reef safe sunscreen (read the ingredients even if they contain the “reef safe” symbol to make sure it does not contain oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, homosalate, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor, PABA, parabens, triclosan, nanoparticles, or microplastic).
  2. Do not touch the reef or marine creatures.
  3. Do not take things from the ocean or sea floor when you snorkel.

Beyond Snorkeling: Other Exciting Activities near Captain Cook

Captain Cook is close to Kona town and therefore is juxtaposed next to the wonderful food, shops, and entertainment. If you are looking for other forms of adventure other than snorkeling to wrap up your day– there are ziplining courses, horseback riding trails, and tours of different landmarks on the shore that are offered all around the area.

Bottom line is, you can’t go wrong with a day of adventure exploring Captain Cook Monument and all the beauty that surrounds Kealakekua Bay.