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manta ray night snorkel on the big island

Few that have experienced manta ray night snorkeling, while in Kona, can name a more thrilling experience. This close encounter with the ocean giants is something you will surely remember for years to come. Because of the popularity of these tours, it can be overwhelming searching for the best night manta ray dive experience. Here are our guidelines to help you sift through everything and determine what experience will be the best for you!


Book Your Manta Ray Night Snorkel with a Trusted Kona Tour Boat


Unlike other snorkel experiences around the Big Island, the only way to embark on a manta ray night snorkel is on an accredited tour boat. There are a multitude of reasons why that is. With limited visibility, the large number of other boats that frequent Manta Village (as well as other popular manta ray destinations), these factors can pose a threat to a lone swimmer with no light source. On that note, without the light source that is specifically designed for groups embarking on a manta ray snorkel, no plankton or manta rays will swim by you.


The trusted tour companies that specialize in manta ray night snorkels are not only equipped with the best gear for your time in and out of the water, but their expert captain and crew know how to create a close encounter between you and the creatures, safely.


How to Stay Safe When Participating in Manta Ray Snorkeling, in Kona


When speaking on manta ray night snorkels, it would be impossible to describe what makes for the best experience without touching on safety. As mentioned, the safest, and therefore most enjoyable manta ray dive trips, are with an accredited tour company. Like our manta ray night snorkel at Dolphin Discoveries, many tours require adequate snorkel and swimming experience. While there is not much swimming involved, as you will be holding onto a state of the art illuminated flotation device, staying calm and breathing regularly through your snorkel are vital elements to having a good experience.


Before boarding the boat the captain and crew helming your trip will make sure to outfit you with the proper gear as well as go over the basic instructions on getting on and off the boat, both at the dock and in water. This is paired with your guide in the water who will be able to answer any questions and facilitate the experience.


Respect the Marine Life: The Key to the Best Night Snorkel Experience


Like all snorkeling experiences in Hawaii, the most important element other than safety is respecting the natural underwater world and its creatures. Because a manta ray night snorkel means that you will be coming into relatively close contact with these creatures, it is important to stay vigilant and pay attention to your guide in the water. Things like reef safe sunscreen (should you wear some going on the tour that night), remaining calm in the water, and keeping your hands securely on the flotation device are a good rule of thumb as to not disturb the mantas.