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night manta ray snorkel

Coming face to face with a manta ray may seem intimidating; but it actually has become an increasingly popular aquatic adventure for anyone visiting the Big Island of Hawaii. With interest in this snorkel adventure continuing to peak, there are many tour companies and boats popping out of nowhere announcing that they will start offering the experience.

An encounter like this one is much more complex than a day time snorkel so it is imperative that you book your trip with a trusted tour company who you are confident can carry through a safe, educational, and magical experience. Here are our top tips when it comes to booking your perfect night manta ray snorkel.

Take Into Account Your Skill Level: Night Manta Ray Snorkels are Harder

The biggest thing that is taken into account on any snorkeling tour on the Big Island is the safety of the guests. While the ocean may be intimidating to some, the biggest danger when it comes to a swim is human error. With a night time snorkel, like the manta ray dives, different senses that are available during the day are eliminated– most notably visibility.

You cannot embark on your own manta ray tour, outside of what is offered aboard a snorkel boat. Highly trusted tours will have someone in the water as well as a captain on deck. They will make sure to guide you and instruct how to use the flotation device as well as how to float to see the manta rays. Without previous experience the process of floating at the surface for long periods of time, breathing out of the mask, and following instructions in the dark waters– can be overwhelming.

Book With an Experience Night Manta Ray Snorkel Tour Company

As mentioned, there is a reason that you need to book your night manta ray snorkel with a trusted tour company. Safety is truly the greatest priority– the guides in the water and captain on the boat making sure that their guests are well equipped and comfortable using the wetsuits, masks, and snorkel– and they will make sure that the bay area is clear of other boats and the flotation device is working.

Manta Village, the bay where these creatures gather and where your snorkel adventure will take place, is not accessible to snorkelers who are looking to set out on their own– with no boat. So, if you want to experience the greatest adventure on the Big Island, be sure to check out our article on the Best Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tours.

Be OK With Having a Close Encounter With Manta Rays During the Snorkel

Safety continues to be a theme throughout our guide on booking the perfect night manta ray snorkeling tour. Unlike their marine cousins, manta rays do not have stingers on their tail nor do they have teeth. These creatures feed off of microscopic phytoplankton and are non-aggressive creatures. However, manta rays have an average wingspan of 10-12 feet. This can be intimidating for anyone, especially those who have never had a close encounter with marine life. Because it may be startling, that is why it is paramount that you establish a calm state with regular breathing; this is also why it is important to do your research and book with a trusted company that can guide you through this awesome experience!