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manta ray kona snorkel

Calling all avid thrill seekers, you have to book a manta ray Kona snorkel. It combines almost every element of an epic oceanic adventure that you could ask for, all with the backdrop of the thousands of stars that hover over the Hawaiian islands at night.

If you are someone who is looking to have a close encounter with the gentle giant manta rays, a new style of snorkeling adventure, and want to get out in the warm tropical ocean, then keep reading to find out how you can book this experience for your Big Island vacation!

Travel To Manta Village, The Premium Manta Ray Snorkel Destination in Kona

There are a few spots along Kona Coast where you can snorkel with manta rays, the most popular however is Manta Village. Located at the same bay as the Sheraton Kona, Manta Village is a hot spot for these aquatic creatures due to the light from the hotel which attracts phytoplankton, the manta’s favorite food.

Manta Village is also an easy bay for tour boats to navigate in and out of as well as is sheltered from the open ocean making it a more relaxed float once you enter the water for the night snorkel experience.

Experience the Big Island’s Gentle Giants on a Manta Ray Kona Snorkel

Contrary to what many people may believe about manta rays, they are extremely docile and non aggressive. That being said it is important to act cautiously in the water as to respect their habitat and the sea creatures’ safety. Unlike other rays, manta rays do not have “stingers” nor do they have teeth like many other large aquatic animals.

When you encounter a manta ray during your snorkel in Kona, be sure to stay flat against the surface of the water and remain calm so as to not scare the creature. They may graze you as they swim under you, but that just feels like a large high five from the rubbery ray!

What a Manta Ray Kona Snorkel Trip is Like

A manta ray Kona snorkel is an experience unlike anything else. You will start your trip out to the center of Manta Village, at sunset. Equipped with a wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and possibly a pool noodle to make floating on the surface easier; you will then enter the water and swim to your guide who has placed the illuminated flotation device off the side of the boat– and grab onto the float.

From there, just float with the pool noodle keeping your feet from sinking too far into the ocean and watch the manta ray dances ensue. You will be blown away by the grace that these animals show in the water and you make out every crevice and mark on their body as they graze under you.

If this sounds like an amazing adventure to you– book your spot now as this tour is becoming increasingly popular meaning the best companies sell out fast! If you are wondering what the best tour boat is for this adventure, be sure to check out our other articles here.