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snorkel tours kona

If you are looking for the ultimate day out on the water, look no further than a guided snorkel tour of Kona. This Big Island coastline is filled with populous reefs and bays, underwater lava tubes, as well as sea caves– to name a few.

Keep reading to uncover what you can expect from a well constructed snorkel tour of the Kona Coast.

What a Guided Snorkel Tour of Kona Coast Entails

There are lots of options when it comes to booking a snorkel tour of the Kona Coast. With this excess of choice, you can also expect a wide array of different boats that have varying capacity. What is great about booking a boat tour versus venturing our on your own snorkel– is that the captains are not only filled with a wealth of knowledge on the underwater terrain and marine life, but the willingness to share with you.

On a well run guided snorkel tour on the Big Island of Hawaii you can expect to go to some of the most beautiful reefs along Kona Coast– the two most popular being Captain Cook Monument and the Place of Refuge. Both on the boat and in the water you can also rest assured that there is a skilled captain and crew keeping you safe. This all culminates in an experience sure to combine adventure with education.

Do I Need Prior Experience to Go on a Snorkel Tour of Kona?

While typically, there is not required prior experience before booking a daytime snorkel tour of Kona, there are a few snorkeling experiences that either require a greater skill level and/or familiarity with swimming in the open ocean. For example, a night time Manta Ray dive is reserved for those who have previously snorkeled.

If you have any hesitations on booking a snorkel tour of Kona aboard a boat, we do have another article that dives into further detail of what to look for when researching your day out; however, booking your trip aboard with a skilled boutique company will ensure that you are safe and have everything you would need to make it a great day! No previous experience required! If you are still hesitant about getting in the water but still want to experience the thrill of being out on Kona’s tropical waters, be sure to check out a whale watching or dolphin adventure experience!

Book Your Snorkel Tour of Kona Today

It’s no surprise that booking a snorkel tour of Kona can be quite intimidating. Not only are there seemingly hundreds of options to choose from but it can be hard to go through all the reviews to find a trusted company that has a tour crafted around the top things on your Hawaii ocean bucket list.

If you want an experience aboard a boat that will create safe close encounters with Hawaiian marine life, give you ample time in the water alongside a plethora of creatures, and provide food, drink, and educational entertainment– be sure to book with a local company. Larger tour corporations aboard bigger boats will not give you the same experience; combined reasons being the amount of people on the tour with you, the craft not being able to get close to some of the shallower reefs, and an inaccessible captain are the biggest drawbacks.

Be sure to check out some of our highly accredited snorkel tours of Kona to get a sense of what you’ll be able to discover aboard an intimate charter of the island.