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big island boat tour

The Big Island is the largest and youngest within the Hawaiian island chain. Home to both touring peaks like Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa to underwater lava tubes and sea caves; there is so much to explore on the isle.


One of the most incredible experiences that one can embark on during their time on the Big Island is a boat tour of the Kona Coast. The pods of spinner dolphins, bustling coral reefs, and hundreds are tropical fish are just a few things you may get to see on your time aboard the boat.


Experience the Best of Big Island on a Boat Tour


When planning your visit to the Big Island, Hawaii, it may be overwhelming to go over every tour option available covering the land and the ocean. A boat tour of the island is a great option as it combines many different activities that may be on your tropical vacation bucket list! For example, at Dolphin Discoveries we try to make the most of your time with us aboard our vessel. This is achieved through combining time in the water to snorkel the most popular reefs in South Kona, with a dolphin or whale watching experience. The expert captain and crew on our boat are knowledgeable in everything from Hawaiian marine life to the cultural and historical significance of the landmarks we will see on our tour.


From Dolphins to Lava Tubes: Big Island Boat Tours Have It All


As mentioned, there is so much to see during your time on the Big Island, and a boat tour is your best chance of fitting it all in. The Kona Coastline is home to large populations of tropical fish, honu (Hawaiian sea turtles), manta rays, and even spinner dolphins! Even if you aren’t in the water, you will get the chance to see these sea creatures just off the bow of the vessel while cruising the coastline of the isle. 


On the other hand, the water yields a great view of the island’s amazing landscape. Although you aren’t hiking to these large volcanic peaks, if you book a boat tour with an accredited company, you may get the opportunity to explore the lava tubes and sea caves that exist underwater.


Where do Big Island Boat Tours Go?


The short answer is, Big Island boat tours go all over! This is a pretty broad statement, so it’s important to break it down. The Big Island is quite large in comparison to the other Hawaiian islands. This means you may not get the chance to make it around the entire island, on one tour or in just one day. That being said, there are so many amazing boat tours that traverse each coastline. South Kona and the Kailua Kona Coastline are some of the most popular boat tours of the island as that is the home to the most popular reefs and bays, known for their wide variety of marine life found nowhere else in the world.


Make sure to book your Big Island boat tour today and explore the tropical waters in a wholly unique way!

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