Manta Discovery Adventure
$104 Adult / $94 Children

This nighttime snorkel adventure may be the most exciting journey you and your family will ever experience.


Manta Discovery Adventure

Check-in: 6:30 PM 
Return : 8:00 PM

Adults $104 / $94 Children + taxes & fees Per Person

A Breathtaking evening experience!

If you only have time for one snorkel trip while visiting us here in Kona, Hawaii this is the one to choose. This tour includes an evening snorkeling adventure considered to be the most memorable and best value of any of the island’s numerous snorkel trips.

Come aboard our vessel as we set out into the Pacific Ocean on a short cruise to the mouth of Keauhou Bay for an in water observation of the manta rays. The manta ray is the largest of the ray family and one of the largest fish in the world, with wing spans up to 12 ft. wide or more.

Due to an abundance of plankton that comes to Keauhou Bay each night after sundown this shallow bay is home to one of the highest concentrations of manta rays in the Hawaiian Islands.  

Let our expert “in water” guides give you an experience of a lifetime.  Imagine floating in a dark ocean near the water’s surface holding on to our flotation device outfitted with lights that attract plankton, when giant prehistoric, creatures with wingspans over 12’, glide silently and effortlessly into view from out of the inky dark boundaries of light.
Plankton are attracted by the strong lights that shine directly on the bay from atop the nearby hotel as well as from our flotation boards specially equipped with powerful LED lights. The plankton that is attracted by these lights are feasted on by the manta ray which filter out the plankton by swooping through the water with their mouths wide open. Sometimes as they feed, the manta ray will swim while doing somersaults (barrel rolls) and turning gracefully in the beams of piercing light giving you the most unforgettable snorkel adventure EVER!
Know Before You Go:
  • This is considered an intermediate ocean tour
  • Must be comfortable with swimming in the ocean
  • Must have some snorkel experience
  • Guests can expect to spend approximately 45 minutes in the water
  • Short boat ride to snorkel site (5 min)
  • Masks, snorkels, short sleeve wetsuit tops, hot tea, pool noodles provided
  • Minimum age: 8yrs old
  • While we do review basic mask fitting, we cannot teach you how to swim and snorkel on this tour

 (PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to do “free snorkeling” during the tour because your snorkel and fins can hurt the manta rays. Furthermore, touching them can remove their protective skin coating which can leave them susceptible to infection. Manta rays may come as close as arm’s length during your viewing session; however, there is absolutely no touching allowed. Manta rays are not dangerous. They are gentle giants and will maneuver around you.

IN THE EVENT WE DON’T SEE MANTAS:  Please keep in mind that manta rays are wild animals. If for any reason we are unable to view manta rays on the date and time you have joined us, we will gladly offer you an opportunity go out a second time at no additional charge on a space available basis. Therefore, we recommend you plan your Manta Ray Adventures early during your visit to Hawaii.  IMPORTANT: There are no refunds if you do not view the mantas during any trip, if you are unable to reschedule or we do not have space available for a re-ride.)

Have some questions?  Many answers can be found on our FAQ’s page.  If you still have questions, please give us a call and our friendly staff will be happy to help.


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