Best Manta Ray Night Snorkeling In Kona
$120 Adult / $110 Children

This nighttime snorkel adventure may be the most exciting journey you and your family will ever experience.


Manta Discovery Adventure

Check-in: 6:30 PM     Check-in: 7:30 PM
Return : 8:00 PM       Return: 9:00 PM

Adults $120 / $110 Children + taxes & fees Per Person

A Breathtaking evening experience!

Join us on the best manta ray night snorkel in Kona. Our state of the art and custom-built light boards get “Rays for Days”! Our unique lighting system draws in the maximin amount of manta rays on Big Island.

This one and half hour tour starts with outfitting you with a mask, snorkel, and wetsuit top.  Your naturalist guides will ensure a proper fit and give you some snorkel instructions before we depart on our manta ray night snorkel on Big Island.


From there you’ll board our 28.5-foot Ridged Hull Inflatable Boat and take a short voyage to “Manta Ray Village” to see manta rays in Hawaii.  Along the way, the naturalist guides will tell you about the history of the manta ray night snorkel on Big Island. Once we arrive at “Manta Ray Village”, you’ll enter the water with your in-water guide who will move you to the best manta ray night snorkel in Kona.

During this nighttime manta ray snorkel in Kona, we often see multiple manta rays during our manta ray night swim on Big Island.  Manta Rays will often swim within inches of your face as they “barrel roll” underneath our light boards. These huge, majestic animals will quickly become your favorite marine animal.

After we snorkel with manta rays on Big Island, you’ll take a quick five-minute ride back to Keauhou Bay to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea. This manta ray encounter in Kona is an adventure you’ll never forget.



How deep will the water be?

During this night time manta ray snorkel in Kona, the water can be between 35-40ft in depth.  Our brightly lit boards allow us to see all the way to the coral bottom.

Will we swim with the Manta Rays?

During this manta ray encounter in Kona, you will be in the water however it is not possible to do “free snorkeling” with the manta rays in Hawaii because your snorkel and fins can hurt the manta rays. Additionally, touching them can remove their protective skin coating which can leave them susceptible to infection. Manta rays may come as close as arm’s length during your viewing session, however; if touched the Manta ray will most likely leave the viewing area. Absolutely no touching is allowed.

Manta rays are not dangerous. They are considered harmless and are mostly very curious and swim around divers.

By following the proper guidelines, you will have the best manta night snorkel in Kona.


What should I bring?

We recommend when you join us on the best manta ray night snorkel in Kona that you arrive in swim attire and light cover up and bring a towel to use after your trip.  Our boats do have a small dry box aboard for a personal bag. Please try to use a small bag so all guests have room to store their belongings.

If you choose to bring your own snorkel equipment, please leave fins behind. Bring your mask and snorkel only.

What do you provide?

Masks, snorkels, short sleeve wetsuit tops and pool noodles are provided.

Life jackets available upon request. However, guests must know how to swim.

At the end of the tour, hot tea will be served!

What if I can't swim?

All guests that are planning to snorkel, must know how to swim. There will be a short swim from the boat to our floating board. Once holding onto the board, guests will need to lay flat and float on the surface of the water.  Pool noodles are provided to assist with keeping flat.

What is the minimum age?

Our minimum age to participate with in water activity is 6 years old.

We do allow younger children to attend as a “ride-along” however a parent or guardian will be required to remain on the vessel at all times.

Due to the nature of this tour, it is difficult for younger children to understand our safety briefing and often times become frightened.  Because of this reason, there are no exceptions to our minimum age requirement.

Can my family member stay on the boat?

If you have a family member that does not want to snorkel, they can most definitely remain on the boat. Because it is a reserved seat on our small passenger vessels, a ticket must be reserved.

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

How many people will be on the boat?

We specialize in small group settings. We take a maximum of 16 guests.

When we have 16 guests, there will be two “in water” guides and two separate floating boards. There will be 8 guests per floating board.

How long is the tour and boat ride?

We are fortunate to launch out of Keauhou Bay near Manta Ray Village.  Our boat ride is only 5 minutes to our snorkel location.

We schedule 1.5 hour time slots. A portion of the time is spent making sure that your gear is issued and fitted properly and time for our safety briefing.  Once in the water, we snorkel for approximately 45 minutes.

Why do Manta Rays come to Manta Ray Village?

Many manta rays on Big Island can be found at Manta Ray Village all year round.  The depth of the water near Manta Ray Village goes from very deep to very shallow quickly creating a short swim for zooplankton to rise to the surface.  This creates a rich feeding ground for manta rays in Kona.  Additionally, the reef around Manta Ray Village is beautiful reef which is home to a variety of wrasse which remove parasites and dead skin cells from the manta rays at natural cleaning stations.  When you swim with manta rays on Big Island, we create an artificial light source through our state of the art “Light Boards” which draws in an abundance of zooplankton, which in return draws in manta rays.  During your manta ray night swim on Big Island you’ll see the natural food chain from the smallest of animals to some of the largest.

What if we don't see manta rays?

Please keep in mind that our manta ray night snorkel on Big Island is a wild and free adventure. There is no guarantee when it comes to wild animals.

If for any reason we are unable to view a Manta Ray on the day and time you have joined us, we will gladly offer you an opportunity to go out a second time at no additional charge on a space available basis. Therefore, we recommend you plan your manta ray night snorkel on Big Island early during your visit so that, if necessary, we can reschedule your tour without running into conflicts with the rest of your itinerary. If for some reason we do not have space available or you are unable to reschedule, there are no refunds.


All Cruises Depart from

Keauhou Bay boat launch ramp.

There are no refunds for any trip cancelled by anyone in your party with less than 48 hours advanced notice, unless you have purchased "Trip-Assurance" at time of checkout.

There is a seven (7) day cancellation policy for private charters.  A full refund will be given if the trip is cancelled 7 or more days in advance. Trip assurance is not available for private charters.

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