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Swim with Wild Dolphins in Kona, Hawaii






check-in at 7:30AM Keauhou Bay boat ramp
return 12:30 pm

This 4.5 hour Wild Dolphin Swim is focused on finding the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and/or the Spotted Dolphins and spending quality time with them. You will get to swim with the dolphins while learning about them and getting great photo opportunities both above and below the surface. Our local knowledge and expertise in finding the dolphins comes from nearly 20 years of experience, running dolphin swims, whalewatching, and snorkeling tours in Kona.
Utmost respect and care is given not to disrupt their rest, nursing and breeding behaviors. We have 98% success rate of finding the dolphins and letting them "choose" whether to swim with us or not.
When they do choose to swim with us, it is truly magical and can be a life changing experience. One example is when the dolphins are "playing the leaf game" they will often bring the leaf over to a swimmer as if inviting them to play with them


Dolphins and whales are intelligent, magnificent beings and it is an honor when they offer us a glimpse of their world.

Our journey continues to a snorkel site once the pod goes into their "rest" mode.

Light lunch, fresh fruit, and drinks are included.
We will provide snorkel gear.
Guests are asked to bring a towel, sunscreen, and cover up.

Up close views!


Discover the Dolphins

The Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii is one of the few places in the world so accessible to watching dolphins in the wild. Uniquely adapted to their environment, dolphins are one of the most intelligent marine mammals. It is our hope that the more people learn about them the more they will love them and do what they can to protect them.

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Although many species of Whales and Dolphins live here year round, the Right next to the boat!most playful and curious are the Nai'a, Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, (stenella longirostris). They feed offshore during the night and return close to shore each morning to rest and nurture their young. The pods number from a dozen or so up to 200 or more.

Grace and Beauty all in one!With our experienced guidance it is possible to find the dolphins traveling to one of their many resting areas where they will spend the day. This is usually the time when the dolphins are the most playful, leaping and spinning as they go, and many incredible displays may be witnessed and photographed. Once the dolphins reach these rest sites they begin to settle down and spend their day in a "sleep" state. Taking a look around.As it is important not to disturb their resting, we will help you to observe and understand the dolphins' behaviors without upsetting their natural cycles. Later in the day they begin to "wake up" and start their journey out to the feeding grounds, this is also a very active time to watch the dolphins.

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While observing the dolphins, you will get to participate in our on-going photo-ID research program, which will help to establish distribution and population densities.

Spotteds are curious too!



Check in 7:30AM return 12:30PM
Adults & Children 139.95 + tax = 150.36

Private Charters: 6 pax $850.+ tax = $913.23
      12 pax $1600.+tax= $1719





Ali'i Adventure! 

Our Ultimate Ocean Adventure is a 5 hour tour to Snorkel the best sights on the island and to look for and encounter our abundant wildlife, including year round species of whales and dolphins, while learning about them from our naturalist guides.
Plenty of time and room to relax (with up to only10 guests max), experience and enjoy all Kona's sunshine coast has to offer!

Included in the tour is a gourmet tropical lunch, drinks, snorkel gear, instruction and floatation devices.

Guests should bring towel, sunscreen, camera and light cover-up.

Check in 7:30 - Depart 8:00
Return 1:00

Retail: $155. 00 + tax (11.52 ) = $166.52
Private Charters: 6 pax $950.+tax= $1020.66
    10 pax $1600.+tax= $1719

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All Cruises Depart from
Keauhou Bay boat launch ramp.

(48 hour cancellation notice & 7 days for private charters required*)

*There is a 10% fee for cancellations made prior to 48hr/7day limit.
Our "Web Specials" only apply to reservations made prior
to 48 hours in advance of your trip. ~ Mahalo!



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