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family activities in kona hawaii

If you are planning your family vacation to the Hawaiian islands, specifically the beautiful historic town of Kona, you may be asking yourself what are the best things to do in Kona with kids. While the resorts around Kona are well equipped to entertain an entire family, you probably didn’t travel over 3,000 miles across the Pacific ocean to sit in a pool chair all day.

Over the years we have accrued what we consider to be the most rewarding experiences that one can have on the Big Island. From daring adventures, to epic snorkels, even relaxing days spent on the magical island. Here are our picks for the best activities that Kona has to offer for everyone– young and old!

Things To Do In Kona With Kids: Go on a Fun Snorkel Tour!

A snorkel tour is tons of fun, not just for the kids! When you book a snorkel tour with one of Kona’s experienced boat companies, you will have signed on for a morning (or day) of adventure along some of the most stunning beaches along the coast. You will likely get to visit the stunning coral reefs of Captain Cook Monument and the Place of Refuge, as well as learning more about their important history and ecology.

The biggest thing to take into account, is to make sure that your entire family is prepared for the experience, not only their swimming skill and comfortability swimming in the ocean– the good news is many snorkel tours will take you to calmer bays. We have an entire article about how you can prepare for one of these tours which you can read here!

Dive In the Dark: Manta Ray Snorkeling in Kona

If you have older kids, or you are visiting historic Kona with your adult family; Arguably one of the most popular activities in all of Hawaii currently, embark on a night snorkeling adventure to witness the graceful manta rays up close. When you drop into the water you will have the chance to come face-to-gills with some of the most magical underwater creatures. You will be floating at the surface of the ocean water, aided by a flotation device provided by your boat tour in-water expert, and you will quickly notice that the manta rays are seeming to perform an underwater dance just beneath you.

These barrel rolls and glides performed in the water are actually how the manta rays feed on the phytoplankton attracted by the light that your group supplies. It is not only one of the most exciting activities that Kona has to offer, but an interestingly symbiotic experience for the humans and the marine life. Be sure to reserve your spot aboard Kona’s night snorkel with Manta Rays before it books up!

Explore Historic Kona Town With the Whole Family

Something that is sure to interest everyone no matter how old or young is the history of the Big Island, specifically Kona. The Big Island is the youngest out of the Hawaiian chain of isles, as well as the biggest. Kona is home to where Captain Cook, the British colonist who worked to quell the natives and bring the islands under the crown, was slain. While Cook remains a controversial figure in Hawaiian history, Kona today is greatly influenced by this point in time.

What’s even more interesting is as you walk through Kona town with your family, you will see historic buildings and get to read more about their role and the structure of the Hawaiian kingdom over hundreds of years.

Set Off on a Boat Tour of South Kona, Hawaii– Great for All Ages

An extremely popular family friendly activity in Kona, one that requires less practice or skill than snorkeling, is a boat tour expedition of South Kona. You can read more about what all that entails in our other article here, but a summary is that you will leave one of Kona’s marinas aboard a small local boat manned by the foremost experts of Kona’s waters. There will be chances to not only see spinner dolphins off the side of the boat, but explore the different topographical phenomena just off Kona’s shores.

If you are a couple looking for some time away from the kids, or even if you want a great way to cap off your day on the tropical isle– we recommend looking into a Sunset Sail of Kona Coast!

What Is a Sunset Sail in Kona, Hawaii?

Experience the beauty of a Hawaiian sunset from the water. One of the most romantic activities offered in Kona, you will take a leisurely sail along the coastline, enjoy the stunning view and gentle breezes, and quite possibly spot some dolphins.

This is the perfect activity for those who are looking to experience the wonders that is the Pacific Ocean and all that lives within, without having to get in the water themselves. This is a relaxing and joyous time to just admire the wonders around you. If you are looking for a more private experience, read more about private boat charters of Kona Coast here.

Reserve a Private Kona Boat Charter For the Whole Family

If nothing else seems to delight your family, or, you find yourself overwhelmed with everything that the island and its expert guides has to offer– then consider booking a private boat charter of Kona! This is a great way to see the best of the underwater world along Kona’s coastline, not have to rush the family, and be able to enjoy relaxing time aboard the boat as well as activities sure to delight everyone aboard! You can venture around at the leisure of your family and their busy schedule and alternative preferences. You can experience everything and more that a small group tour– like those offered at Dolphin Discoveries— has to offer and more!

No matter what activity you choose, Kona will lend itself to the greatest family vacation!