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Snorkel With Manta Rays in Hawaii

Whether you are a thrill seeker or just someone who is passionate about marine animals, snorkeling with manta rays in Hawaii is a must-do experience for you! Not only is this nocturnal adventure quickly becoming the most popular thing to do in Kona, but is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Keep reading to see our answers to some of the most common questions that ocean fanatics will ask about a snorkel with manta rays and what that experience aboard a trusted local tour boat will entail!

See These Magnificent Creatures Up Close on a Night Manta Ray Snorkel in Hawaii

Manta rays are remarkable animals. Their average wingspan is anywhere from ten feet to sixteen feet across. Unlike other giant marine animals, manta rays are docile, making them perfect for a close encounter on a night snorkel in Kona.

To snorkel with manta rays in Hawaii, you have to book with an accredited boat tour company. There are many reasons for having to do this rather than try and venture out on your own. In brief, when you book a snorkel tour you will ensure that you have all the gear you need to go into the colder waters, that you will have a guide in water alongside where you are floating and the flotation device that attracts the manta rays, and that you adhere to procedures that will keep both you and the rays safe.

Can You Snorkel With Manta Rays in Hawaii During the Day?

To the question of whether or not you can snorkel with manta rays during the day in Hawaii, the answer is complex. While booking a snorkel tour with manta rays at night, is the standard offering from most tour companies, there is a chance you may see the rays while snorkeling one of the popular reefs of Kona Coast during the day.

The reason that a snorkel with manta rays on Hawaii is offered at night, is so that the creatures can feed on the phytoplankton, which is attracted by a special light that the tour will be outfitted with in the water.

A Manta Ray Snorkel is Perfect for Non-Divers

When people think about swimming with manta rays in Hawaii, they may only think of a manta ray night dive. While diving with manta rays is common during the day– you don’t need an open water diving license to get up close and personal with the creatures. This means that a snorkel with manta rays in Kona is the closest guided encounter you can get with these gentle giants.

No studying, training, or months of preparation required! So be sure to look into booking your snorkel with manta rays in Hawaii, with an accredited local tour company, today!