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dolphin encounter near me

One of the most popular experiences across the islands is a dolphin encounter. Over the years, dolphin encounters on the Hawaiian islands have changed in order to protect the sea creatures and their environments to be enjoyed for generations to come, as well as for the safety of those embarking on these encounters as well. Most of the dolphin encounters in Hawaii were carried out in the wild, recent legislation has now prevented these experiences from being held in the same way.

If you are someone searching for a “dolphin encounter near me”, then we wanted to create this quick guide on how modern dolphin experiences across the islands are held and how you can make the most of this distance encounter aboard one of Kona’s great tour boats.

Understanding the New Dolphin Encounter Laws Across Hawaii

The new legislation in Hawaii prohibits swimming with dolphins. The exact parameters are that you are prohibited from getting within 50 yards of the dolphins, either in the water or on a boat. These laws have also posed that there should be time restrictions when it comes to visiting habitats that dolphins are known to visit.

These laws do not come as a surprise to many Hawaiian residents as there are already restrictions and safe practices in place when it comes to whale watching and swimming alongside sea turtles.

Finding the Best Local Dolphin Encounter on the Big Island

While swimming with dolphins may have been abolished, there are still great dolphin encounter opportunities, especially on the Kona coast! These experiences allow curious visitors to board one of Kona’s trusted small tour boats and view the dolphins in their natural habitat from a safe distance. These encounters are likely embellished with your experienced local guide being able to provide insight and information on the native spinner dolphin species and environmental tourism as a whole!

It is important that when you seek out a dolphin encounter experience on the Big Island, or anywhere in the world, that you read reviews and information to ensure that you are booking with a trusted and ecological responsible company who values keeping the marine life and habitats safe.

Relying on Hawaii’s Marine Life Experts to Facilitate the Best Dolphin Encounter

Not only are your local guides responsible for keeping yourself and the marine life safe, but they are in charge of facilitating the best encounter possible with these practices. 50 yards may seem like a ways away from the animals, but rest assured that when you find an active pod of dolphins you will be able to see them jumping out of the water and playing in the waves from a ways out.

Even though the scope of dolphin encounters near the Big Island have changed over the years– they are still amazing and intriguing experiences with the native species.

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