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dolphin boat tours near me

If you are looking for a dolphin boat tour on any of the Hawaiian islands, you may find that there is a world of choice, something that can be largely overwhelming. The first thing you can do, to narrow it down is to hone in on the locally owned and operated tours on the island, and near the town that you are staying. While we have written in the past about what makes different dolphin watch boat tours special, here is a comprehensive guide on how you can first narrow down this list and book your experience with confidence.

Know the Hawaiian Laws about Dolphin Boat Tours

Up until 2021, swimming with pods of dolphins was legal across the Hawaiian islands; the reason that this was changed was not only to make the waters safer for the marine animals but to keep those embarking on these tours safe as well. There are many unconscious things that we may be doing that endanger sea life, like wearing toxic sunscreen, touching animals, or destroying their habitats by stepping or disturbing the coral.

While some may be disappointed that they can’t swim alongside the dolphins, staying approximately 50 yards away when in the water, a dolphin boat tour is still an incredibly close encounter. Spinner dolphins in Hawaii tend to put on a show for the boat, something that is enjoyable from on deck. Although you may not get to physically be in the water with these amazing animals, there is so much fun to be had!

Look for Close Encounters That Prioritize the Dolphin’s Safety

Although tours will have to abide by the laws preventing people from swimming within pods of dolphins, the most ecologically responsible local boat companies will put measures into place to keep the marine life and patrons safe. These can include turning off the engine should dolphins choose to approach the boat, supplying their snorkel tours with reef safe sunscreen, and educating those on the boat about the life of spinner dolphins and how we can act responsibly.

Learn More About Dolphins While Having a Great Day on the Tropical Waters

Dolphins are some of the smartest creatures on the planet, so there’s no wonder you may want to learn more about them! Luckily, if you are embarked on a dolphin boat tour with a trusted local company, like Dolphin Discoveries along the Kona Coast, you will get the chance to learn more about spinner dolphins and the other creatures that live in the tropics from your knowledgeable captain and crew.

By following this advice, you can find the best dolphin boat tours near you, ensuring a memorable and responsible experience with these incredible marine creatures. Remember the well-being of the dolphins and yourself is of the utmost importance, choose local tour companies who demonstrate respect for their natural habitat and safety is paramount. We can’t wait for your extraordinary trip out on the water!