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big island private boat tours

If you are looking for the exclusive experience of a lifetime then be sure to consider a Big Island private boat tour. Open up an entirely new world of adventure tailored to the sites and activities at the top of your tropical bucket list!

Perfect for all ages and groups– whether you are traveling with family, for a friend’s bachelorette party, or work colleagues! When you book a private boat charter of the Big Island you opt into creating your own exclusive tour of the ocean surrounding the island.

Snorkeling on Your Private Boat Tour of Kona Coast

If you choose to book your private boat charter of Kona Coast with a local tour company who specializes in snorkel tours, you are opening up the opportunity to explore both popular and more secluded coral reefs on this exclusive experience. While other boats may have hoards of tourists piling into small boats to all jump in the water at once, you’ll have the chance to explore the most lush areas of Captain Cook Monument or the Place of Refuge undisturbed.

Most likely, your private boat charter will be well equipped with everything that you need to go explore the underwater worlds in the shallows of South Kona. From fins to snorkels and masks, even options of snacks and juices– you will have it all! This experience is your opportunity to learn more about the Big Island’s aquatic ecosystems and get up close and personal with a variety of marine life found nowhere else in the world.

Discover the Hidden Majesty of the Big Island on a Private Boat Tour

Your private boat charter will be able to explore the areas just off Kona Coast that are typically impossible to reach from the shore or are unavailable due to the schedule or size of a group tour that may be offered by other companies. These sites can include things like underwater lava tubes or sea caves which are scattered along South Kona.

Beyond the lava tubes, sea caves, and bustling coral reefs- while on your private boat charter you may get the chance to see the native spinner dolphins jumping out of the water or even humpback whales during the winter! You will have an uninterrupted, front row seat to all the action!

Enjoy Exclusivity and Privacy: Why Private Boat Tours Are the Perfect Escape

The Hawaiian islands are always bustling, especially during tourism peaks during the year. This can make major cities like Kona feel crowded even when the resident population is a fraction of the overall traffic. Your vacation is a designated time to relax, away from the everyday grind and the stress that is life or work. When you book your private Kona boat charter you have the chance to let someone else captain the adventure of your dreams.

Sit back and relax, maybe take a dip into the ocean to go explore; you have the ability to do it all with the comfort of being on your own timeline and with people you trust and enjoy!

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