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private boat charter big island

Looking for the ultimate Hawaiian getaway– book a private boat charter around the Kona Coast! This is your all inclusive ticket to a day filled with everything from relaxation, to ocean exploration and sightseeing! With so many popular tour companies offering this experience, we wanted to break it down and reveal how you can book your best day with confidence.

A private boat charter will allow you to not only cruise at your own pace and on your own schedule, but you can customize the adventure to fit what is one your tropical bucket list. Whether that is exploring the lush reefs around South Kona, sailing until you see pods of dolphins jumping and playing in the water, or exploring the hidden sea caves and lava tubes dotted along the coastline.

Enjoy Access to Pristine Snorkeling and Diving Spots on Your Private Charter

A private charter along the Kona Coast is a great way to explore the ocean both above and below the surface. There are certain charters which leave from Kona’s ports that specialize in catering to those who are scuba certified. We understand that this takes a long time, so if you haven’t gotten the chance to get dive certified, you still have the ability to embark on a snorkel adventure along some of the best coral reefs in the world.

A private charter not only gives you the opportunity to explore different tropical fish hot spots at your own pace, but you will also gain the ability to experience everything uninhibited by crowds of others who may be swimming alongside you or preventing you from hearing your captain and guides. If you book your private snorkel charter of Kona, you are signing on for an exclusive tour of the best underwater sites!

Explore at Your Own Pace on a Private Boat Charter

One of the greatest benefits of booking a private charter of the Kona Coast is the ability to do everything at your own pace. Whether that is determining the best time of day to leave port, the length of the tour, or how long you will remain in and out of the water– should you decide to snorkel. When booking a structured snorkel tour or whale watching adventure, to name some examples, you are beholden to a schedule and quite possibly the tardiness of other guests that may push back the departure time and subsequently shorten the overall tour.

Booking a private charter mitigates that, you can plan when you leave and when you come back around what your goals are for the day as a whole. Some people prefer leaving as early as possible to get to some of the busier reefs like Captain Cook, earlier than the larger tour boats and snorkel groups. However, if you are looking to book your private charter to experience a romantic sunset with a loved one, you are most likely going to schedule the trip for later in the day or evening. These are all important things to consider and things that we recommend you go through with anyone else who may be on the charter with you so that you can determine the best plan of action!

Tailor Your Big Island Adventure with a Private Boat Charter

We briefly mentioned the luxury of choosing when and for how long you want to experience things while on your private charter of the Big Island as well as the ability to explore the underwater populous reefs of Kona via a scuba dive or snorkel. These all are encapsulated in the idea that when you book a private boat charter you are tailoring the entire adventure around your goals and priorities. You can either stay on deck the entire time chasing dolphins or whales from a safe distance, or spend the day floating alongside the boat in the warm tropical water.

You can’t go wrong!

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