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kona ocean adventures

If you are someone who loves going into the ocean and can’t wait to spend your days on the Big Island in and around the tropical shores– we have the ultimate guide for you. There is a ton that the underwater world along the Kona Coast has to offer, so much in fact that choosing the best adventure for you can be overwhelming. In a world full of choices we wanted to narrow down our top picks of the absolute best tips and guidelines to plan your oceanic day!

Snorkeling Delight, Discovering the Best Snorkel Spots in Kona

We have written multiple articles about our top picks of the best places in and around Kona town to go snorkeling, which you can check out on our blog. However, to break that down even further, the biggest rule of thumb is to read up on the tours that local trusted snorkel companies have to offer and pick the adventure that works best for you! If you are looking to spend a lot of time in the water, but don’t want to spend the entire day on and off a boat– then an early morning tour to one destination would be right up your alley! On the other hand, if you are looking for a thrilling adventure for a more experienced snorkeler or swimmer, be sure to check out one of Kona’s night time manta ray dives!

No matter what you choose, if you are booking with an experienced captain and crew in Kona, you are sure to have a great time!

Customizing Your Own Adventure, Taking a Private Charter Around Kona Coast

If you are someone that doesn’t enjoy being beholden to other people’s schedules or a predetermined itinerary, then a private boat charter is the perfect solution to maximize your enjoyment of a day out on the Pacific Ocean! Not only will you get to completely customize the schedule around the tour and where you want to go, but you’ll be able to work with your captain and crew on determining the best length of time to be in the water and if you want to go to different snorkel spots.

What’s even better is a private boat charter doesn’t have to be a customized snorkel tour! You will get to work with your trusted tour boat company to see if you can steer more towards a dolphin watch or whale watch (should the time of year align). Ocean exploration IS your oyster– and this is the greatest way of ensuring you are getting the most out of your Kona experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Kona Ocean Adventure

The Biggest advice we can pass along when it comes to determining the best Ocean adventure for you is to make sure that you are not only finding what tours sound the most fun to you and your group (if applicable), but that you are adhering to your comfort level and keeping yourself and the marine life safe. These can be easily grouped together as adhering to the environmentally conscious guidelines that may be debriefed by your local tour company– like wearing reef safe sunscreen, along with making sure that you aren’t touching or disrupting the marine life you come into contact with, directly.

If you are someone who doesn’t have much experience with swimming or snorkeling, be sure to let your captain and crew know so that they may either provide flotation aids or be able to suggest a tour they offer that would fit your skill level! No matter what, each and every oceanic experience around Kona tends to be a ton of fun!