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things to do in Kona

The Big Island of Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the most magical places in the world– and the bustling town of Kona is at its apex of activity. If you are traveling to the largest isle, here are some of the top recommended things to do while staying on the West Side!

While you can always adventure outside of Kona to the volcanoes Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, the best activities around the town are aquatic! Keep reading to see how you can make the most out of your time both in and next to the water!

Go on a Snorkel Tour of Captain Cook in South Kona

Are you searching for breathtaking reefs populated with hundreds of tropical fish? Look no further than Captain Cook Monument in Kealakekua Bay. This site is not only home to one of the most historically significant interactions between colonizers and the native Hawaiian population, but it serves as one of the most popular reefs in the entirety of Hawaii to go snorkeling.

While the reefs along the rim of the bay are extremely popular for humans and marine life alike, their diversity and size allots for equal opportunity to explore for all of the bay’s visitors. The best way to snorkel along these reefs is to book a snorkel tour with an accredited boat; this will allow you to get a position on the best spot on the reef as well as venture to the deeper waters of the bay where you may see pods of Hawaiian spinner dolphins. 

Get Up Close and Personal With Manta Rays on a Night Snorkel of Manta Village

One of the most incredible and unique experiences that you can embark on when traveling to Kona, Hawaii is to venture out on a nighttime manta ray snorkel. An adventure for those passionate about marine life and those who are looking for a unique underwater experience, a manta ray snorkel will foster the most up close and personal encounter you could have with these gentle giants.

The only way you can experience a night time manta ray dive is with an experienced captain and crew aboard one of Kona’s tour boats. They are in charge of not only keeping you and the wildlife safe, but manning the in-water illuminated flotation device that attracts the rays and keeps you at the surface of the water to watch the show.

Relax on the Big Island’s Magic Sands Beach 

Spend a day soaking up the sun, swimming, and bodyboarding on this popular beach. The white sand is perfect for every activity. Right near the heart of Kona Town, you can easily go from lounging on the shore to hitting up some of the best shopping and restaurants in the town center.

While convenience is at the heart of this wonderful little beach– don’t forget to catch a magnificent sunset while you’re there. 

Book Your Own Private Boat Charter of Kona Coast

If you want an experience along Kona Coast that is unique to you, there is no better option than booking a private boat charter. When you book a boat charter with an accredited captain and crew on the Big Island, you are opening up a world of adventure that you can completely customize to fit the bucket list of yourself and your group.

Travel to the hidden sea caves and lava tubes along the coast, snorkel at some of the most popular or hidden reefs, and end your time out on the water, to look over the side of the boat and you may get to see pods of dolphins jumping out of the water against the sunset. The underwater world is your oyster, in Kona!