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This Whalewatch Adventure is an exclusive trip to find the seasonal Humpback Whales (Dec.-March) and/or the year round Pilot Whales, Beaked-Whales, Melon-headed whales, and other species that can be found along the Kona coastline. We will focus on finding these magnificent mammals and spending quality time with them to observe, learn, photograph and listen to their song and other vocalizations with our underwater hydrophone system.


Check-in 12:15 return 2:30
$89.00 + tax( 6.37)= $95.37
Private boat check-in at
12:15, return 2:30.
$600 / up to 6 pax
$1000 / up to 12 pax



Because if feels good!

Amazing Action!

To witness the power of a competitive group of male
Humpback Whales during mating season, is unforgettable

Right next to the boat!The waters of Kona are blessed with the presence of many year round resident whales.The most frequently seen are the large pods of Pilot whales, (globicephala macrorynchus). They average 14'-17' long and weigh 1.5-2.5 tons. During the day they are often seen "logging" or resting at the surface in groups of a dozen or so up to 50 or more.




Hey There You!
They can be very curious and are quite frequently seen
"spy hopping" or taking a look around.



Gentle giants.



They are quite comfortable around boats and have been known to spend an hour or more beside us.



Occasionally we will see the Goose Beaked or Curvier's Beaked whales
(Ziphius cavirostris) in their company.
Very shy Beacked Whale is still curious.


Yep! These guy do bite!

More often, however, the Oceanic White Tip sharks are found traveling behind a pod of Pilot whales, as it is thought they are feeding on their scraps. (A part of this adventure, after all, is meeting new friends, isn't it?)



Other resident whales that may be seen year round, though sighted less frequently, are the Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus), Pygmy Sperm whale (kogia breviceps), False Killer whales (pseudorca crassidens) Pygmy Killer whale (Feresa attenuata) and the Melon-headed whale (peponocephala electra).



Huge Humpie Head!

The magnificent Kohola, Humpback Whales (megaptera novaeangliae) migrate from Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii every winter (Dec.-April). They make this journey each year to give birth, nurture their young and breed.






Tail slaps can be heard for miles!The still endangered humpback whale is making a comeback and each year we are blessed with seeing their numbers increase. Large portions of the waters around the island have recently been declared a "Humpback Whale Sanctuary" to assure their protection. An adult whale can reach 43'-45' long and can weigh about a ton per foot!



A 40 ton SPLASH!


To witness the behaviors of a whale this size will instill memories that will last a lifetime. There is a hydrophone (underwater microphone) onboard for a live broadcast of the intriguing "song" of the male humpback whales.

ID the whale tale!




You can help participate in our research by photographing Fluke IDs as the whales show us their unique coloration pattern when they dive.


Kona Whalewatch Adventure
Check-in 12:15 return 2:30
$89.00 + tax = $95.62

Private boat check-in 12:15, return 2:30
$600 / up to 6 pax
$1000 / up to 12 pax

All Cruises Depart from
Keauhou Bay boat launch ramp.

(48 hour cancellation notice & 7 days for private charters required*)

*There is a 10% fee for cancellations made prior to 48hr/7day limit.

Our "Web Specials" only apply to reservations made prior
to 48 hours in advance of your trip. ~ Mahalo!



Sounds of Humpbacks



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