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best snorkeling kona

The Kona Coast is home to some of the best snorkeling on the planet. From vibrant coral filled with hundreds of marine animals to picturesque turquoise waters, this is a dream come true for ocean lovers and adventure seekers alike. Fun for the whole family, here are our recommendations for the best snorkeling you can find in Kona.

Let Kealakekua Bay’s Waters Transfix You

Kealakekua Bay, famous for Captain Cook Monument and the reef that surrounds it, is by far and away the most revered snorkeling destination on the Big Island of Hawaii. Many have claimed to see hundreds of colorful fish as well as giant sea turtles, also known as Honu, and even spinner dolphins towards the middle of the bay.

This reef is incredible to visit on a trusted local tour boat as these experts will give you the ability to drop into the water right alongside the most active areas of the reef. That combined with the fact that you may have a better chance of seeing dolphins from aboard the boat’s deck are reasons you should look into securing your spot today!

Pay Homage at the Reef of the Place of Refuge

The Place of Refuge is an incredibly historically significant spot to Native Hawaiian culture. Outside of its societal importance, the Place of Refuge is also well known for the beautiful reef which thrives just beneath its water’s surface. Another snorkeling hotspot that is almost solely accessible aboard an accredited local tour boat, you will get the chance to explore the wonders of the ocean, up close.

Dive into Kua Bay, Near Kona

A ways more North than the other destinations on this list, Kua Bay is an excellent stop, for those who have an aversion to booking with a company, especially. Although you will lose out on the benefits that come with venturing out with the experts, the turquoise waters on a clear day are incredible.

Keep in mind, the best snorkeling experiences are created in tandem with a trusted local tour company on the Big Island. Things like weather, ocean swells, and natural obstructions can affect any tour, which you can read more about here, but rest assured that your captain and crew aboard the boat will work to keep you safe.