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snorkeling tours hawaii

If you are planning on visiting the Hawaiian islands, you are most likely looking to explore the coral reefs in some capacity. The best way to see a wide variety of marine life, tropical plants, and even some hidden lava tubes, is on a guided snorkeling tour in Hawaii! If you are wondering how you can find a reputable local snorkel boat near you, be sure to check out our article here.

Follow along as we take you through the top three things that you can expect to encounter or gain from a snorkeling tour vacationing on the Hawaiian islands.

Discover Breathtaking Hawaiian Marine Life

It is no secret that the Hawaiian islands are home to some of the most beautiful and unique, flora, fauna, and animal life. From the beloved nene which glides across the island to the revered Honu (Hawaiian sea turtle), there is so much to discover. One major benefit of the Hawaiian islands is the lack of traditional seasons. While there is a higher likelihood of rain during certain points of the year, or hotter temperatures in the summer; there is no deterrent from either the marine life to frequent the reef, or for you to hump into the ocean alongside them.

Some of the vibrant marine life that you may see are reef fish like Parrotfish and Triggerfish, Moray Eels, Octopi, or even a ray! If you have any questions about the creatures you are coming into close contact with, the captain and crew aboard your snorkel boat should be able to shed some light.

Swim Among the Pristine Coral Reefs in Hawaii

Aside from the incredible reef life that you will see on a snorkeling tour while visiting the Hawaiian islands, you will have the chance to explore the incredible bays, coral, and even lava tubes and sea caves hidden just below the ocean’s surface. A trip of a lifetime, there is hardly anything that can compare to these natural phenomena.

Some of the most revered snorkeling destinations are the Captain Cook Monument and Place of Refuge both in Kona on the Big Island, as well as Molokini crater on Maui. Each of these places are exclusively accessed through accredited snorkel tours operated by local companies. You can read more about what a snorkel tour in Kona looks like here!

Create Unforgettable Memories with the Whole Family

A snorkeling tour in Hawaii is something that you can do with the whole family! Provided that you are comfortable wearing a mask and breathing through a snorkel, as well as being able to swim– this is a great inclusive activity. The ocean waters that hold the best coral reefs are typically sheltered from rough ocean water, and most tour companies have flotation aids aboard.

Remember to choose reputable tour operators, follow safety guidelines, and respect the marine environment while snorkeling in Hawaii. Enjoy your snorkeling tour and make the most of your underwater exploration!