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kailua snorkeling

The Hawaiian islands are chock full of stunning wildlife. From the incredible birds that fly through the green canopies, to the stunning neon flora that line the islands and large volcanic mountains– who can forget the plethora of unique marine life that lives along the shores.

The Big Island is home to some of the most diverse aquatic life across the chain of isles, and the greatest way to experience it is through one of Kailua’s snorkeling tours. There are so many amazing tours offered by the island’s foremost experts, if you are already planning on adding this activity to your “must do” list vacationing in Kailua– then we’ll take you through the amazing marine life you are bound to see!

Discover a Wide Variety of Kailua’s Reef Fish while Snorkeling

When venturing out with one of the Kailua snorkeling boats, you are likely to visit the coral reefs inside Kealakekua Bay as well as some other shore reefs down the coast. This coral is home to some of the wildest and unique fish found anywhere in the world. Hundreds of tropical fish ranging from parrotfish to triggerfish– even tiny octopi, will call the coral home, and make themselves available for your viewing pleasure during your snorkel.

Pods of Kailua’s Spinner Dolphins May Appear Aside the Snorkel Boat

Kailua snorkeling tours are the best way to view Hawaiian spinner dolphins up close. Due to recent legislation, the popular “swim with dolphin” tours offered across the state have now been made illegal. This effort was to protect the native species and create more environmentally responsible tourism practices. While this may come as a disappointment to many travelers to the islands, there are still ways in which you can experience these animals closer than most anyone else in the world.

Native spinner dolphins are known to frequent the deeper areas in the most popular snorkel bays, and if you book a Kailua snorkeling tour, you have the rare chance to see them on either your trip out or back– they may play alongside the boat or put on a show from a distance!

Cruise Alongside the Illusive Honu (Kailua Sea Turtles)

One of the most exciting experiences when participating in a Kailua snorkeling tour, is coming face to face with one of the large Hawaiian sea turtles in the area. These Honu can grow to be 4-5 feet long on average and can weigh up to 250lbs! These laid back animals are extremely beloved by both the Hawaiian residents and the marine life around them, which is why there is a mandated 10 feet rule if you see one; either on land or in the water, keep a 10 foot distance at all times.

There is so much to explore when it comes to a Kailua snorkeling adventure, and because of that, these tours are extremely popular! Be sure to secure your spot aboard and book now before everything fills up!