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private boat charters on the Big Island in Hawaii

One of the seemingly more exclusive however, arguably more exciting, ways to experience the Hawaiian islands are through private boat charters. A private boat charter is something that operates with one goal in mind: to give you the greatest experience possible. This means that they will accommodate your schedule, interests, and preferences– masterfully crafting an entire day’s excursion around yours, and whoever your group may desire. 

While this is a more expensive way to see the islands, it is totally worth it– and something that is not wholly reserved for A-list celebrities as the media may have you believe. If you are looking to book your own private boat charter on the Big Island in Hawaii, keep reading.

1. Look at Local Boat Tour Groups on the Big Island of Hawaii for Private Charters

The best place to start looking for a private boat charter experience is through local snorkel and dolphin watch tours! These tours are captained by expert local guides on the island who have experience in taking groups out and touring them around some of the greatest offshore sights the the Big Island in Hawaii has to offer.

The best way to find out if a reputable tour offers a private boat charter experience is by checking out their website. Most snorkel and dolphin watch tour websites will not only list out their regular tours and ways to book– but have a separate page that goes through their private boat charter options. You likely won’t be able to book through their online software, and will be prompted to give them a call. This call is the best way to get everything arranged and get an idea of what your quote would be based around factors like time of year, length of charter, number of guests, and more!

2. Book Your Private Boat Charter Far in Advance– Especially During Busy Season

Our second biggest piece of advice when it comes to booking a private boat charter on the Big Island in Hawaii, is to book far in advance. Hawaii, and the boats who operate across the state, are subject to the different seasons that affect the islands. Tourism seasons are at the peak of summer break and winter break– with whale season coinciding with the holidays. It may not be in the cards for you to secure your own private charter during the height of Christmas break and whale season, especially if you try and book a few days out. The earlier you call one of these local companies and get everything sorted, the better! We suggest booking your tour in the lower seasons to allow ample time aboard the boat and the freedom to see and swim in the waters without crowds from other tours that may be operating simultaneously with other companies.

3. Research What Time of Year You Want to Travel to the Big Island in Hawaii

All in all, researching the time of year when you want to visit and explore the Big Island in Hawaii aboard a private charter, will kick off your research and attempt to book your spot aboard. A comforting thought is you can’t really go wrong! Hawaii is home to the year-round summer, if you have any hesitations or questions, we’re sure that your private charter company will be able to provide recommendations on the best areas to book.