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dolphin adventure near me

Dolphins are undoubtedly one of the most sought after marine animals to interact with when visiting the Hawaiian Islands. While new legislation has been enacted in order to protect the native Hawaiian dolphin species, preventing humans from swimming with them in the wild, there are still adventures available to visitors who want to spot dolphins.

Keep reading and we’ll let you in on some of the best dolphin adventures around the Big Island’s Kona Coast, and how you can find your spot aboard a boat alongside an experienced and impassioned captain and crew.

Finding a Dolphin Adventure on the Big Island, Hawaii

Like snorkel tours or tour buses to the Big Island’s volcanic viewpoints, dolphin tours around Kona are plentiful. Having this overwhelming amount of choice can create some hesitation when it comes to booking. You may be asking yourself vital questions like “what is the best tour for myself and my family?” “Does this company have good reviews?” And “how many other people will be on this tour with my group?”

These are all valid and important questions which will help you evoke confidence in booking, when those answers are easily presented. We recommend that if you are looking to experience the best tour, that will give you an intimate encounter with native Hawaiian dolphins, while safely aboard the boat; is to book with a small boat, a part of a highly reviewed company. You can read more about how to determine the best tour boat for you here.

Kona’s Best Dolphin Adventures

While we have recommendations around what we believe the best boat to embark with on a dolphin adventure is, there are other things to take into account around booking your tour. While whales are only around the Hawaiian islands at certain times of the year, spinner dolphins swim along the waterways year round. This means that you can book with confidence any time– but keep in mind that Hawaii is subject to rainy and dry weather seasons. If you book during the winter, there may be a chance of bad weather which would prevent or delay your outing. On the other hand, booking at the height of summer will surely be hot, so you may want to prepare for the stronger UV rays.

What is a Dolphin Adventure in Hawaii Like?

As mentioned, Hawaiian dolphin adventures have changed in the past few years, ultimately culminating in an experience aboard the boat versus in the water with the marine creatures. Not being directly in the water with the native dolphins does not take away from the magic of the experience that responsible tour boats can create for you.

The overall scope of what you can expect on these tours is as follows. You will likely start your trip in the morning or mid day, meeting and boarding the boat at the marina. There your captain will give a brief overview of safety regulations and the plan for the day; their job is also to lead you to the spots with the highest amount of dolphin pod activity, all while maintaining a safe distance between the boat and the animals. If you have some time you may even get the chance to explore the underwater sea caves and lava tubes.

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