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kona tours big island

Planning a vacation to the Hawaiian islands is filled with sifting through various accommodations, travel itinerary, and activities to please your entire group. This process involves a lot of TripAdvisor and Google searches, and at the end of the day you may not even know if any of these pre-programed adventures would even suit what you want to get out of the experience.

If you are worried about limited time, making sure everyone is happy, or even how you will get the tour– stress no further. We have created this list which goes through the top three different Kona tours on the Big Island that people opt for, and how they may work for you!

Love the Water? Embark on a Kona Snorkel Tour with Big Island Guides

If you are staying in the historic town of Kona Hawaii, you will find the crystal blue waters off shore to be very inviting. Not only are the waters of the Big Island warm and pristine, but they are filled with an incredible and diverse array of marine life found nowhere else in the world.

Kona snorkel tours that explore the Big Island, Hawaii typically visit one to two snorkel destinations, allowing around an hour to hour and a half to explore the coral reef. The overall tour ranges in time, some are as short as 2 hours and some as long as 6-8 hours– the good news is that these tours will provide a wide array of necessary gear and provisions to make sure the experience is top notch!

History Buff? Captain Cook Monument in Kona is the Place to Visit

One of the most important sites in modern Hawaiian history is Captain Cook Monument; this is not only a popular snorkeling destination visited by many snorkel tours offered through Kona, but the site where British colonist Captain Cook was slain.

There are multiple ways to come and explore the monument, most popular is either through a Kona snorkel tour or boat tour that will drift through Kealakekua Bay. These tours are led by one of the Big Island’s expert guides who will be able to go through the human and ecological history of the area.

Want to See the Sunset? Kona Tours Will Explore Big Island on a Boat

There are few things more beautiful than a Hawaiian sunset. What’s even more stunning is seeing the vibrant sunset along the Pacific while out on the water. A Kona sunset boat tour is not only romantic but a great way to see the island and possibly witness native spinner dolphins or humpback whales who have migrated during the winter, playing in the waters.

No matter what you choose– there is so much to do while vacationing on the island. Be sure to read through various Kona tours offered on the Big Island and choose the one that fits best with the time of year you are visiting, your schedule, and who all you are bringing with you!