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snorkel group at captain cooks monument in Kona

If you are looking to plan the ultimate Hawaiian getaway, make sure that you look into a snorkel cruise of one of the greatest reefs: Captain Cook Monument (also known as Kealakekua Bay). This cultural and historical landmark is home to hundreds of different tropical fish as well as other marine life like Hawaiian sea turtles and spinner dolphins.


If you are looking for the tropical tour of a lifetime, keep reading and we’ll explore why Captain Cook’s monument is the best place to plan your snorkel excursion.


Explore the Best Snorkeling Spots on a Captain Cook Cruise


Kona’s Coast is packed with a multitude of incredible bays and reefs to explore the lush, tropical marine life. Sea creatures of all shapes and sizes have been spotted all along the west side; some visiting on a seasonal basis, while others have chosen to live in Hawaii year-round. The beauty of Captain Cook is that it combines everything you could ask from a snorkel experience. There is a coral reef which exists on the shallow, outer rim of the bay; it is densely populated by a wide array of colorful fish. The center of the bay is deeper and is known to host pods of spinner dolphins. This means that on your trip out to the reef and back you may come into close contact with these native dolphins!


Discover the Captain Cook Monument


With the ocean being almost a complete mystery to us, it is no wonder that even the small bay of Kealakekua Bay has an entirely unique underwater world of its own, ready to explore. No matter how often you go to the bay, the landscape and marine life that lives beneath the waves is changing. While certain landmarks, whether they be rocks or coral reefs, may stay the same, seasonal influence, weather, and time of day can all change what you may encounter.


This is another reason to book a snorkel cruise exploring Captain Cook. When you embark on a guided tour of the area you will not only get the chance to learn more about the historical and cultural significance of the monument , but these experts will be able to place you in the water near the greatest hubs of ocean activity. If you book your tour with one of these accredited companies, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time!


Escape to Paradise: Snorkel the Best Reef in Kona


While the Captain Cook is hailed as one of the greatest places in Hawaii to go snorkeling, it is just one of the many amazing reefs along the Kona Coast. Kealakekua Bay is surely  fun for the whole family; however, if you want to extend your trip, many of the same companies who are offering snorkel cruises to Captain Cook may offer experiences that venture to more than just that Monument.


If you want to explore all that South Kona has to offer, check out some of the longer snorkeling cruises like those that we offer here at Dolphin Discoveries! Not only will we give you ample time in the water to explore Captain Cook, but we will extend the trip to the Place of Refuge.